Written by bluewycombe

25 Oct 2013

Thought id report the fun we had last Wednesday night. I took my wife for a meal to a restaurant in Henley. My wife has taken to wearing shortish skirts and near see through blouses flowing her recent introduction to voyeurism. she gets turned on knowing shes being watched.

The evening started as one would expect orders drinks then the meal. whilst waiting for the first course i started touching my wife's tits giving them a little squeeze and popping open a button to reveal more cleavage.

The starters arrived and i could see the waiter staring at my wife's cleavage as he served the first course. We made a start on the meal during which time a couple of guys came a sat in the booth opposite. They must have been mid 40ish, Glancing up from my meal saw them looking at my wife, who had already seen them sit down, and acknowledge then with a nod and a smile as they sat down.

Continued to finish first course whilst waiting for mains I placed my hand on my wife's knee and started to stroke her leg. the guys opposite could see us clearly, but my wife made no attempt to stop me as my hand traveled father up her leg pulling them apart as i got higher. we could see the guys watching but trying to pretend they hadn't noticed.

Main meal arrive which we had with out incident. By now we had started on the second bottle of wine of which my wife had drunk most of the first and will the second as i was driving. After main meal again during the interlude of courses i run my hand up my wife's leg this time pulling her leg open and going straight for her pussy to rub it. the guys opposite nearly choked on the meals as i fingered my wife in front of them.

We finished our meal and started to leave the guys where ordering coffee, as we passed by my wife said good night smiling as we passed by they replied good night and thanks you.

We where both horny now and id got a hard on from fingering my wife.

We walked back to the car my arm around my wife as on does, feeling her tit. Being the gentleman i opened the passenger door for her to get in, opening the window as she did.

I couldn't wait until we got home so as she settled in her seat undid my flies and got out my cock pushing it through the open window telling her to suck it for me. surprised but undeterred at this sudden demand she started upon sucking me off. AS she did so my hand slide down to open her blouse and lift out her tits from her bra.

She must have been at it for about 5 mins when the door from the restaurant opened and the two guys who had been watching appeared in the car park. My wife could not see them as she had her back to them and her face was buried in my groin as i pumped my cock into her mouth. They walked towards their car then spotted us and stopped i dont think they could believe what they where seeing as my wife worked on my cock as i stood there pressed against the side of the car. They watch a while and then came closer for a better look. They could see me clearly standing there and as i had made no effort to move or object they got braver and came closer up to the opposite side of the car watching my wife suck me off as i played with her now fully exposed tits, stroking there cocks as they watched.

She had not seen or heard them and just kept on sucking me as i told her to pull up her skirt and finger her self as i was getting ready to cum. I shot my load in her mouth which she swallowed. I then asked her if shed like to do it a gain, thinking i was going to fuck her she attempted to open the door but i just held it closed and gestured to the guys to come around which they promptly did.

The surprise and shock on my wife's face was a delight as two cocks appeared at the window both wanting her to suck them off. One was fully erect and the other only partly. My wife was to far gone now to object and i doubt if she would have any way.

Taking the semi hard in her mouth to suck it and get it hard and started wanking the other one. I got in the car and started finger fuck her as she sucked them. Unfortunately things didn't go as they hoped the one she was wanking came to quick and shot his load other his mates trousers. his mate pulled out of my wife's mouth cursing his mate for making a mess over him. As they semi argued i drove off leaving them in the middle of the car park with there cocks out trying to clean up in full view of the customers now leaving the restaurant. What they must have thought seeing to middle aged men in a car-park with there cocks out one can only guess.