Written by ArlingtonOne

15 Jul 2013

“Darling, I don’t wish to be so candid, but you’re hubby is doing Erica…way often…you need to ALSO enjoy yourself my dear…!” It’s a common tactic Alan uses well. A senior colleague…a bit older than me…divorced for many years (wonder why) Alan rarely misses a sexual beat in any number of the women he chooses to fuck…married ALL…! I understand his rationale…little to risk in long-term emotions, yet gals ready to sexually engage for pure pleasure. They’re missing something at home OR have determined their husbands are playing on the side. AND, that is where Alan’s strategy works.

If his client is fucking another woman OR playing his pew, Alan will know! If a gent is honorable to his marriage, Alan will provide incentive and access to a charming young thing to occupy hubby’s attentions…while Alan works his way into the gent’s wife. Why so…when Alan could have his choice of tender young gals falling for his favors AND gift of cock…? Alan likes the challenge of fucking a married woman…without the concerns of commitment…! I understand that…I believe you understand that too! It’s just that Alan goes to lengths to orchestrate his trysts when he selects the ladies.

Case in point, Daniel has been an insurance client for several years...wife Alisa a lovely 40ish Mum of two. Daniel and Alisa always displayed joyful marital union. BUT, Alan wanted to fuck Alisa…so he placed Daniel in tempting situations …one in which Daniel fell splendidly into about 4 months ago. Alan introduced one of his clerks…her express purpose to seduce Daniel. Erica was quite successful, though fact that Daniel was not altogether with sober wits to fully realize his pending fall. For nearly 2 months, Alan had Daniel and Erica documented and recorded during their several ‘passion moments.’

At a group event with several clients and spouses, Alan made his way to seduce Alisa. Grant, Alan and Daniel’s wife have known each other for about 3 years, but never a moment of elicit passion. That evening, Alan chose to “share” his knowledge with Alisa…feeling terrible for her…empathizing the difficulty with which Alisa had to face her personal crisis. Alan made a strong case why Alisa should not expose her knowledge…the related fallout would be difficult to endure…especially with two school-age children at hand. No…Alan commiserated with Alisa…displaying concerns…wanting to assist Alisa’s situation with his compassion…AND physical solace. Go back to the opening statement of this posting…it was essentially Alan’s solicitous endearment to Alisa that would succeed in his efforts to bed Alisa…many times over the course of next 3 months!

Alisa became caught up in passion…her way to deal with her husband’s unfaithful fucking a younger babe. While Daniel acted unfaithfully, never aware he was manipulated into that position by Alan…ALL for Alan’s pleasure having Alisa. Well…perhaps NOT altogether exclusively…;) Alan has been willing to share with a few of us. On several occasions, several of us would be invited to participate when Alisa “lost” self-control. Albeit, when suitably intoxicated, Alisa became a willing and eager whore…pardon me…slut wife for several of our cocks. I engaged her at one of Alan’s parties early last month. I was impressed…now aware why Alan wanted to fuck this Mum…more than a few times. Sedate on the outside, Alisa has one fucking lovely body… tits, cunny and ass to relish and play for long into the night.

I commend Alan’s tactics. Eventually, the lady will be tired of and disposed in place of a new gal. In Alisa’s case, that will likely happen mid-summer…she’ll move on…not really sure how she’ll deal with her husband. If we lose Daniel as a client…we may gain wife Alisa as a divorce proceeding representation.