Written by SteveO

28 Jan 2008

Last Friday night after a night out with our friends we all went back to ours for a nightcap. Eventually everyone went home except for Lynne who was struggling to get a cab. My wife told her to stay in the spare room and so all three of us had a finally drink which sent my wife over the edge and she was soon asleep.

I showed Lynne to her room and she in turn helped me to get my wife undressed and into bed.

Lynne remarked on my wifes nice body, which really turned me on as I knew Lynne was partial to a bit of girl on girl action.

We said goodnight and Lynne went to her room.

I went down stairs to check everything was locked up and get a glass of water. On my way back I could hear noises coming Lynnes room. I thought she was crying and so I knocked the door and went in asking if she was ok . The light was on and I could see that under the covers Lynnes legs were bent at the knees and wide apart. I apologised and said I thought she was crying. Embarrassed Lynne said that far from it she was just imagining a bit of girl fun with my wife.

My cock was soon racing to a huge erection and I had no way of hiding it. Does the thought of me pleasuring your wife turn you on asked Lynne with a big grin on her face.

Lynne threw bad the covers to reveal a beautiful trimmed bush and a lovely puffed clit.

Why don`t I share my fantasy with you and we can both wank ourselves off she said.

I dropped my boxers to the ground and slowly began to pull on my cock. Lynne turned and faced me, I was now standing between her legs watching her play with her clit.

I imagine taking your wifes clothes off so she is naked before me, began Lynne.

I tell her to cup her breasts and take her nipples into her mouth while I begin to explore her beautiful cunt with my tongue. She is soon in heaven as I bring her to a climax.

We then kiss and allow our hands to search each others bodies before we lie down in the 69 position and taste each other. You then enter the room and slip your cock deep into your wifes sodden fanny as she goes down on me.

Lynnes fingers were now up her cunt and she came.

Let your spunk come all over me and I did as what seemed like spurt after spurt fell onto her gorgeous body.

Lynne sat up and took my cock in her mouth and cleaned up every last drop of cum.

She kissed me goodnight and told me one day she would make that fantasy come true. If she does I will let you know.