Written by Robbie

14 Mar 2009

I had been a DJ for some time and on a few occasions my wife S came along mainly to get drunk on the free booze. I was booked to do a gig for a friend of my cousins who was fucking hot to say the least. Dark haired Brown eyed and deliciously tanned 28yrs old size 8/10 and very firm c cup tits. I had seen her out and about and we had bumped into her and her then bf at a local dogging site. Anyway S decided that she would come along to make sure I was a good boy. The van was loaded and we got ready to set off. My chin nearly hit the floor when she finally came down the stairs. very short skirt, hold-ups low cut top and high heels (not her normal attire for a gig). She just looked and said "what" I quipped are you on the pull tonight or something and she just smiled and said possibly why should you have all the fun.

We arrived at the venue at about 6pm and I set up. My Desk surround is about 8 foot long and 5 foot high so unless you stand directly in front you cant see anything below which on this occasion not only hid all the wires.

Jane my cousins friend turned up around 7.15 to get the hall ready and S decided to help her Jane was wearing a very revealing red dress which showed off her pert tits to their fullest and I could'nt take my eyes off her. S was helping her put some balloons up and held the step ladder. S came over and whispered to me that Jane had nothing on under her dress and her shaven fanny looked gorgeous and moist. My cock was already getting stiff just watching her and S knew what effect this news would have, she smiled at me and walked back over to Jane.

Later on the party was in full swing and the drinks were flowing, Jane had a lot of good looking and flirty mates who seemed to spend most of the night trying to see how far they could push me with crude inuendos and flirty banter.

S had dissapeared for some time and when she came back she looked a little flusttered, she came over and slipped a note into my hand, I assumed that it was another request and put it with the others. 5 mins later Jane came behind the booth and asked what the answer was, I looked at her and said "to what", "the note", "what note", then it dawned on my " oh this note, I don't know I have'nt read it yet, thought it was a request". "Oh well, don't bother I'll take it as a yes" then she walked back to where S was giggling with two of her mates.

i picked up the note and it said "do you want a suprise tonight, if you do play get down on it and I will know" I saw from the handwriting it was'nt S who had written it. My cock stood to attention at the thought it was Jane. It took me all of about 10 seconds to find the track and cued it up next. as the first few bars of the song blasted out a cheer came up from the group of Janes friends stood to the right of the stage and looking over at S and Jane they had huge smiles on their faces.

nothing happened for the next ten mins and i thought it was a wind-up. 2 of Janes friends came up onto the stage and started to ask for a few requests then one of them Kelly asked if I was ready for the suprise now I blurted out "of course babe always ready" with that they went back to the little group, I carried on in antisipation and then felt the prescense of someone behind me turning round I saw Kelly and the other girl crawling on all fours from the back of the stage area wher nobody could see them bothe were giggling like a couple of schoolgirls and Kelly put a finger to her lips she said keep working Rob. her friend had her hand firmly on my hard cock through my trousers before I knew it and they both had a hand in unzipping me and pulling free my rampant prick. "so it's true then" her friend giggled "it is nice, and thick just like Jane said" the two of them spent the next 15 mins taking it in turns to suck and nibble me out of sight of the party goers, until I burst my load all over Kelly's face. They did me up and crept back the way they came and about five mins later S came up and told me she had arranged it with Jane after the two of them had been fucked in the carpark by Kelly's Brother.

We have since met up with Kelly and her friends for drinks and a bit of car park fun but I have never had a repeat performance whilst gigging