Written by Yorkie Boy

2 Aug 2019

You will need to read ‘New to village. BBQ’ from 31/7/19 to make sense of this.

Wow, after the BBQ at ours we were genuinely stunned and very, very pleased. We had fucked like rabbits that night whilst discussing what had happened and decided we couldn’t turn back now even if we had wanted to.

I spoke with Peter the next day, he was a little hungover but told me that we were now considered as proper villagers and would be seeing more of the group in the future. He thanked me for the BBQ and told me how lucky he thought I was to have Emma in my bed, he had gone home with Carol, Jerry and Sue and their party lasted another couple of hours until the ladies were satisfied. I told him that we had shagged all night, but Emma was disappointed at not having Jerry’s cock. “She will.” Peter replied, “And before too long. We play Bridge on Wednesday evenings, on a rota, at mine next week, be there.”

“What the fuck, I ‘ve no idea how to play bridge.”

“You’ll soon learn then.”

We parted and I went inside to see Emma, I explained what Peter had said and just like me she said she had no idea how to play bridge, but she was willing to learn and happy to meet everyone again.

I said I couldn’t see how a game of bridge could end up with us all naked, but I would wait and see.

Everything returned to normal for a few days, that is other than a few knowing winks from other villagers, John, one of those that had left early told me he had heard about Sue and Carol stripping me in the kitchen and told me they would blow my mind given a chance. I was only too happy to give them that chance.

Wednesday came and Emma started with a lie in, then a shower and a shave of her pussy, not unusual but I take great pleasure in watching her do this and then oil herself afterwards. “If I’m getting naked then I’m going to look my best. “She said. She worked the oil into her fanny lips and then started stroking her clit, “Care to join me?”,

I said I was happy watching as I wanted to save myself, just in case. She wasn’t listening she had closed her eyes and was now using a small vibrator on her clit, her hips beginning to move and then she started moaning and shouted at me. “Get them fucking clothes off and shag me now.”

It wasn’t a request it was an order and I was between her legs in seconds my rock-hard cock wasting no time in sliding straight into her wet pussy, eased by the oil and her own juices. The vibrator still doing its thing I was pumping away for all I was worth and shot my load into her willing pussy as she screamed, as her own orgasm ripped through her. It had lasted just minutes but that was just how we were now.

As we lay in our post orgasm state, she looked at me and said, “I want to fuck Jerry, is that alright?”

It was something we had agreed before, that we would be adventurous but honest, always talking to each other about our conquests or desires.” It was no surprise, I told her. As soon as I had seen his cock at the BBQ and him fingering her, I knew it was just a matter of time. “Of course, darling, of course.”

She went for another shower and douche and told me to do the same. I did as I was told and then got dressed, linen trousers, very lightweight and a T-Shirt, Emma chose a different dress, but again a summer weight and no underwear.

We went next door at 7.30pm as agreed, we were the first to turn up and Peter answered the door, kissing Emma’s cheek and shaking my hand whilst smiling at me. He seemed a little over dressed, in as much as he wore a waistcoat over his shirt and had chino’s on. Carol called through, “Hi folks, come on through.” She was in the lounge and looked gorgeous, in a dress not dissimilar to Emma’s, but I could see that she had a bra on as the straps showed over her shoulders and she had tights or stockings on too.

She handed us each a glass of Prosecco and said Jerry and Sue would be a little late but not too long. Emma said, “Time for you to teach us how to play bridge then?”

Emma pointed to the table in the middle of the room and said, “Is that where you play?”

“I play anywhere darling. “Carol said and laughed.

“We thought as you didn’t know bridge, we might play poker instead but with the same forfeits?”

Emma looked puzzled but I realised we had been stitched up.

Emma asked if she could look around the house as she hadn’t been anywhere but the kitchen before tonight and Peter wasted no time in agreeing to show her.

Carol poured me another drink and as she passed it to me, she told me how much she had enjoyed tasting my cock at the BBQ and that she wanted more. I told her that I was sure she would get more and with that she squeezed my cock through my trousers and kissed my lips but briefly.

Peter and Emma were still out of the room when Jerry and Sue turned up, each looking well, Sue in skin-tight white jeans and a loose silk blouse with clearly nothing underneath, I didn’t notice what Jerry was wearing as I was looking at Sues arse.

Carol gave everyone another drink and said, “Shall we get started then?”

Emma and Peter had joined us, and Carol explained that we didn’t play bridge, but that Poker was a game everyone knew.

“Not strip poker.” I said, “Isn’t that a bit childish?”

“No not strip but forfeit poker.” Jerry interjected. “Same rules but instead of losing clothing you have to take a forfeit, but that might be stripping, we’ll see.”

“No wonder bridge is so popular” I said.

Emma was already running her hands across my arse and whispered, “I think I’m gonna like this.”

We took our places on the floor around the table and cards were dealt, I lost the first hand and my forfeit was just to drink another glass of wine in one go. No problem but met with smiles all round.

Peter lost the next hand and his forfeit was to kiss everyone around the table. I was a bit uncertain, but my kiss and Jerry’s were a little less enthusiastic than those with the ladies, but just I thought?

Emma lost the next game and had to take off her dress as a forfeit or kiss everyone in the room. She wore nothing else and everyone else was still fully clothed so I assumed she would take the kissing option, but I was wrong. She stood up and drew the dress over her head before throwing it onto the sofa, she was already naked.

She sat back down, but slowly and winked at me, then at Jerry.

More hands were played, and most forfeits were drinking or clothing related, then I lost again and lost my trousers, I had taken a leaf out of Emma’s book and shaved around my balls, which Carol and Sue noted very quickly. Carol too was soon naked, and her next forfeit was to choose someone to lick her clit. She looked directly at me for a moment, winked and then chose Emma. Wow, this would be a first, but Carol eased her way across to Emma who was still sat on the floor and almost straddled her. She placed her hand gently at the back of Emma’s head and eased her forward until Emma had no choice but to engage with Carols lips. I thought it would last only a second or too, but I was wrong, Emma seemed to enjoy it and Carol certainly did but stopped her short of an orgasm. She turned around to me and said, “I think it’s time we stopped being silly and got naked, there better forfeits than this.”

Almost as if planned everyone got naked and I thought we were going to play another hand, but before I could say anything Jerry had made his way over to Emma and she was stroking his huge cock. “I’m going to fuck you tonight.” She told him. “You are indeed, and I’m going to film it for my collection.” He replied.

Emma initially looked stunned at this but then I think she thought it was a joke and grasped his cock harder before kneeling in front of him and sucking his enormous length. I was stopped from watching as Carol started kissing my back from behind and stroking my arse. She whispered to me that I was going to learn something about myself tonight and with that she prised a finger up my arse. I wasn’t sure what to think but my cock clearly enjoyed it.

“Jerry is going to fuck Emma’s brains out upstairs, but you are staying here.” With that Sue appeared with some sort of scarf and placed it over my eyes whilst Peter placed handcuffs on one of my wrists. I struggled at first, but Sue stroked my cock and said, “Be a good boy Steven.”

My hand s was cuffed behind my back and the scarf taken from my eyes just long enough to see my wife being guided upstairs by Jerry. She blew me a kiss and said, “Enjoy.”

I was laid back onto a sofa and with my hand behind my back I felt helpless. Peter, now naked stood between his wife and Sue and they treated him as they had me a week or so earlier, they devoured his cock and then swapped cum between themselves before finally kissing peter with a mouth full of his own cum.

My own cock was rampant just watching and Carol was the first to say, “Now it’s your turn.” She took my length in her mouth and worked her wonders on it whilst Sue got onto the sofa and sat astride me, offering her cunt to my mouth. I licked for all I was worth. She pulled away and placed the scarf back around my eyes. I still felt the lips around my cock and the hand wanking me, I struggled not to come too soon but after a while I shot my load into the warmth of the mouth which hungrily ate my cum. My blindfold was taken off and I saw it was Peter who had sucked me off and now he sat above me and dropped my own cum into my mouth and then kissed me.

“Did you know you had a Bi side?” he asked.

“I HAVEN’T.” I shouted, “But Oh, I beg to differ Steve.”

I was turned over and it was Carol that lubed my arse with baby oil, I think. And then placed a large vibrator at the entrance to my arse. Sue kissed me and as she did, I felt the vibrator entering my arse. I was worried at first, scared a little, but after only a short while it became very enjoyable.

Sue and Carol became engrossed with each other and I watched them as the vibrator pulsed in my arse. I became erect very quickly and Peter said, “I’ve had my turn, now it’s for the ladies. He took off the handcuffs and said enjoy. Sue was laid out on the floor and Carols head was between her legs with her on all fours, arse in the air, I reached forward and played with her very wet pussy before placing my cock at her entrance and smashing my way in. I saw Peter offering his cock to Sues mouth as I did so, and I pumped away for all I was worth before shooting my load into Carol.

I was knackered but Sue hadn’t finished Peter off yet and asked for help. “What do you mean?”

“Wank him for me.”

It was not up for debate. I took hold of Pete’s cock and wanked him for all I was worth before he shot his load all over Sues face. Carol licked her clean and then kissed me swapping Pete’s cum into my mouth. “You’ll suck him off next time.” She said.

I honestly couldn’t say.

We had been sat down for at least an hour before Emma and Jerry came downstairs again, both smiling.