31 Oct 2016

It may seem odd but I will start at the end of part one and then recap how I got here.

I wondered to myself how it was that I was stood in her porch knocking at her door at 7PM that evening in a smart business suit on, bottle of wine in one hand and wearing her satin thong that I had glimpsed earlier. Where will this go I mused as I rang the bell.

It all started earlier that day as I had booked a medical with the company doctor. I’m of that age where I was just beginning to experience, or imagine, symptoms that could be related to my prostate so I thought a check up was necessary and belief me I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Anyway the doctor called me in and Susan looked about my age and was dressed in a cream blouse, just above the knee skirt and long black boots which I have to say made her look very sexy and attractive. I sat down and explained my symptoms and being a bit embarrassed and not wanting to make too much eye contact i kept looking down. It was then I noticed her legs were slightly crossed and I had a lovely view of stocking tops and a glimpse of creamy thigh and a white suspender. The consultation continued and I continued to discretely, I thought, glance up her skirt and was ultimately rewarded with a flash of white gusset.

“Right, from what you have said I’ll have to examine you and I must let you know it will be quite intimate and perhaps a bit uncomfortable” she said. I had already resigned myself to the inevitable anal probing so I nodded as she continued “go behind the screen and undress down to your pants please and let me know when you’re ready”. I stripped down to my pants and called that I was ready. She came back in and slipping her hands down the front of my boxers cupping my shaven balls she said “cough for me please”. “And again she said” as I desperately tried to stop thinking about this sexy lady cupping my balls. “Right if you can remove your pants and lie face down on the couch for me please”. I did so and heard her donning a glove and shaking what I assumed was a bottle of lube. “Please part you legs” and as i did so I felt a finger tip massaging lube into my ass “I’ll be as gentle as I can” she said and I felt her enter me and probe my prostate. Not too uncomfortable so far I thought. “Please can you kneel up on all fours for me now” and having done so I again felt her finger enter me and go a lot deeper this time. Suddenly I felt her cup my balls again and she whispered in my ear “did you like perving up my skirt?”. “I wasn’t” I blurted out. “Don’t lie” she said as she squeezed my balls quite hard. “What did you see up my skirt?” and as I started to deny it again she squeezed harder and said firmly “tell me!”

“I saw your stocking tops, some of your thigh and your suspenders” I admitted. “Anything else?” she said massaging my balls and easing her finger in and out of my arse. “No” I said “Really” and as she released my balls “what about these?” and her satin thong dropped on the couch in front of my face. “I opened my legs wide enough for you to get a good enough view so don’t tell me you missed it” she said and after pushing my face down into them she started to wank me with one hand whilst fingering my arse with her other. I’d never experienced this before but it was heavenly feeling my smoothly shaven cock being wanked as my arse was being gently but firmly fingered. I was too much and very quickly I came heavily – probably more heavily than I had ever before and then collapsed down on the couch. “Get yourself dressed and then come through when you are ready” and she picked up her thong and walked out of the cubicle. "How did you know I wouldn't complain?" I asked - "I didn't until I felt your shaven cock and balls - then I knew" she replied.

As I got through to next door and sat down she was already seated and again her legs were parted enough for me to see everything except her thong. In its place I glimpsed a narrow strip or hair and the glint of a piercing. “Firstly nothing wrong with your prostate so don’t worry” she said. “Secondly, you and I are going to have some fun later”. As she handed me a two pieces of paper she went on “take one of these at 6PM and then knock on my door at 7PM wearing these” and she threw her thong into my face. “Don’t be late!” Pocketing the thong as I stood up to leave the office I looked at the pieces of paper; one was her address – very near where I lived and the second was a prescription for Viagra. “You’ll need those for what I have in mind” she said smiling.

So back to the present, I rang the bell and after a moment the door opened. Susan was stood there in a black leather basque, stockings, thigh high leather boots and wearing a strapon. Behind her on the sofa was a naked man on all fours. “Ahhh vouvray one of my favourites” she said accepting the wine I proffered, “do come in and join me and my husband”........to be continued.