Written by Melanie F

10 Sep 2015

Hello. I am an avid reader of your stories but have never dared to do anything like what I read from you all but now I am very confused about something I have done or rather let happen.

I'm 45, married with children and have never ever even considered a relationship with a woman. In fact other than noticing pretty women like everyone does I have never looked at a woman with any thoughts about sex or anything. In fact sometimes, if I'm feely sexy or want to make my husband happy I will wear a tight dress that shows off my DD breasts and not too bad figure but only so the guys will notice me.

But now I'm confused. My boss who I will call Julie is a lot younger than me, she's 29, quite attractive and very very confident. She is someone who, when your called to her office, your stress levels rocket. I have seen grown men come out stressed after a rollicking.

two weeks ago I stayed behind in the office to catch up on my work becouse I was taking a long weekend and didn't want to get behind. After a while it was only Julie and me left. She called me into her office and asked why I was still there. I explained which seemed to make her happy. I started to leave but she called me back, we talked about general things, about my family my husband and what I did when I'm not in work but I noticed she was glancing at my chest. A few time as she walked too and from a filing cabinet I caught her looking at my cleavage. She asked how old I was so I told her and she complimented me on my figure. Then went on to tell me how happy she was with my work and would I consider being her assistant.

Of course I Was thrilled, this meant a pretty decent pay rise but more than that it showed that my work was appreciated.

But then she asked me if I found her attractive. It was strange but I wasn't going to mess things up and I suppose she is so I told her that I thought she was very attractive.

I was stood by a cabinet when Julie pulled up a chair, turned it round and leaned on the back of it about two feet way. I was a strange thing to do but she asked me if I was able to keep a confidence. Of course I said I was and she told me that my job was on the line if I couldn't keep secrets and that if it was too much for me I could go back to my old job and nothing more would be said. I think I just nodded and smiled, it was all getting a bit weird.

But then she put her finger on the top button of my blouse and carried on talking, then one by one flipped open the buttons. I didn't know what to do so just stood there. She looked at me and asked if I needed to go home and asked if everything was ok. I said it was, then she continued until my blouse was open, my bra on shop.

Very matter of factly she asked me again if I was ok. By now I was unsure what to say but rather than concerned I was feeling unusually aroused. Then as though she does this all the time she put her hand into my bra and scooped one of my breasts out, squeezing and massaging before she leaned forward and opened her mouth. Just before she reached my breasts she stopped, looked up at me and said 'ok?. I just said yes.

Then she moved closer and sucked my breast. Her tongue was playing with my nipple then, the only way I can describe it is she started to gorge herself before pulling the other one out and staring on that one as well.

Then she pressed herself against me and we kissed as she took her top off, her chest against mine. I should have been horrified but it was so erotic I nearly came. She pulled me to the desk and sat me down on it, put her hands between my legs and then her fingers into my pussy. She knew exactly where to place her fingers and rub. I sat there and enjoyed it. Then very latter of factly she took my hand and placed it between her legs inside her knickers and TOLD me to make her cum.

We fingered each other until we both reached orgasm before kissing and touching each other. Then as though nothing has happened we dressed and I left. She has asked me to stay behind tomorrow to talk about my new job but Im not sure. Does this make me a lesbian ? That night I made sure my husband and I had sex so I could know I still liked a penis in me.

I's seriously thinking about taking a sick day but I can;t get her and her nice firm breasts with large fat nipples out of my head.