26 Jul 2017

Hi Just a quick story from yesterday

Any one who knows me or are friends with me on here will Know the relation ship i have with my cleaner if you dont well then she is a very fit and horny young lady (Married ) But loves my cock we have been seeing each other for many years now and have got up to all sorts of things as you can see from my vids and pics on here if you want to know more get in touch please

So Yesterday she text me to say she had to take her dog to work but needed to do some shopping on the way and wold i be free to st with her as she did the shopping

I agreed and met them in the supermarket car park as we have done before She went into shop and i walked the dog and then sat and waited for her She was wearing a nice shortish summer dress which made a change from the usual Jeans

She opened her Boot and started to pack shopping in the car i started to help and as she bent over i rubbed her very tight sexy bum and said to her love the dress I hope you havnt put it on for L....... the young lad at her work she said no why i said because i know you fancy him she just smiled and said no it was put on for me! Any way you should see the old scabby Knickers i have on i said ok then i put my hand on her sexy bum under her dress and slid the dress up so i could see.

I said o yes i see what you mean not the sexiest you have as i said that i slipped a finger in them and pilled them down half way over her tight arse .. She didnt say any thing so i went further and slid them all the way off her arse and started to finger her very wet pussy

She then said i only have a few more minutes or i will be late for work if you want to do anything you had better hurry up

So i pulled her knickers right down looking round to make sure we wernt been watched she stepped out of them and and parted her legs i got my cock and slid it straight up her tight cunt she came nearly straight away and i did soon after,

she got her knickers back on and got in to the car put down the drivers window so we could kiss good bye then she Slipped her fingers in her soaking cunt and gave me a lick this is always my treat for doing a good job for her she knows i love to taste her wet sticky finger

she then drove off to work I only then realised we had been parked next to the wall with the staff room window above us a couple of young lads had been watching us the just gave me a thumbs up as i walked over to my car,

Should i tell her we had been watch or not?

She would be turned I think if you like this pleas comment i have loads more stories about our days out etc Works van flashing at lorry drivers weeing giving me blow jobs etc,, Farmer xx