Written by andy

30 Jan 2008

Ive been going to dogging sites for years now, but last friday night was one of the best night i can remember having. I was parked in the usual lay-by ( near Maidstone, kent) when a 4x4 pulled in and parked in front of me. i could see that there were 2 people in it so i got out for a look, sure enough it was a couple. the guy got out and walked round to me so i started to walk away thinking he was going to tell me to fuck off, but he didnt. Instead he asked if i was up for some fun with him and his wife, of course i said yes. He told me to follow him down to the next lane.

When we got there he said that his wife was being a bitch and wanted to watch from the car as he sucked my cock, so i got it out and he bent down, took it in his mouth and sucked my now stiffening cock.After a few minutes he went back to his wife, she now opened her door, me & him stood at her side, he again took my hard cock in his mouth. She reached for my hand and placed it on her wet pussy. As i fingered her wet hole and rubbed her clit she reached out, took hold of my cock and wanked me into her husbands mouth. She moaned out loud as she had her orgasm and wanked me faster which made me shoot my hot spunk into her husbands mouth, he swallowed the lot!

She then wanted me to lick her pussy, so i bent down and set to work licking all her juices up, she tasted great. As i was doing this her husband started to rim my arsehole, it felt great so i didnt object, the next thing i know my arse is wet wiyh his spit and he\'s rubbing his hard cock up and down my crack before pushing against my twitching hole, his cock slide into me and i felt his body against me. i carried on licking his wives lovely cunt as he began to fuck me. He soon speeded up, really slaming into my tight arse, then he gave a few jerky thrusts and shot his cum deep inside me, this made her cum all over my face.

By this time i was hard again and she wanted me to fuck her up the arse, so she bent over, i thrust my cock up her wet cunt to lubricate it, then pushed it up her tight arsehole. She went crazy as i held her hips and fucked her long and hard, she had orgasm after orgasm, untill i filled her with my spunk.

They told me to keep an eye out for them as they will be there again.