Written by cumandgo

30 Apr 2018

Just to run this past you, we are a couple. M/F and now in our 60's what we are like now has no bearing on the story so I won't bore you with descriptions.

Years ago we went dogging quite often, on this night in particular we settled on a local spot in woodland near Carlisle and all dressed in attire suitable for a good fucking session we drove in our old Vauxhall Cavalier to Brampton and Because of The short skirt and stockings my wife was kinda wearing I purchased the fish and chips . ( a good alibi if you had same ,if PC plod happened past) I then drove to the area and parked up. We were alone for ten or so minutes when another vehicle arrived. The usual light signals were given and as was the norm the driver of the other car slowly made his way over to our car and walked slowly past as one does in such a situation. We recognised him as a guy we had played with before, so I wound the window down and said hi. Mrs was sitting with her Leopard skin print Micro Skirt up round her bum and her nice sheer Black stockings were showing that nice White Skin at the top of her thighs. She never wore knickers on her outings as they were a beggar to remove over her high heels. She already had her seat as far back as it would go and she let the back rest down so she could show off her full Hairy pussy with ease.The Gent and I admired her little show as she started to play with Herself, just a dampened finger in her clitoris to get things moving . I got out of the car and suggested to our voyeur that we should both go and watch at her side of the car. She was a very randy young woman of about forty at the time so enjoyed the male attention she got but really liked playing with a man's erection. She would Suck a hard cock for ever but she would not Swallow cum , but loved a cum shower as she left a man to cum either wanking or being wanked. My dear Wife also enjoyed a good fucking if a good hard cock was available.

So there we were, her lying back with legs spread open and him and I with our cocks out Now I can manage six inches on a good night and this guy was just about identical . She was starting to moan and more fingers were applied to the Task in hand, I suggested he should get down and play with her which he did without further encouragement . The two of them were really getting down and dirty and she managed to get a hand round him and start to pull him off, I stood pulling at my hard cock and had to concentrate a few times so I didn't cum? She then changed position and put her feet out of the car so she could suck us both. I had to decline or I would have Cum . she was sucking him and he stood there good and hard, pointing skyward when she let go for a breath. It was then she announced she wanted him to fuck her. She got out and gave him a condom from the glove box which he put on .

She came around to the boot of the old Vauxhall and pulled her skirt up around her nice plump buttocks and he and I followed. he got straight up her and off she went, Fuck me you Beast. I am going to cum Fuck Me hard ! So he did! just then as they were both cumming, The car started to move forward? Fuck! I had forgotten to put the Handbrake on! I was standing there, jeans around my feet , Her with her pussy just fucked and him with a full condom on trousers around his feet. Off it went into the middle of the car park heading straight for the other car. I Waddled off after it as fast as I could and thank goodness the windows were down I tried to turn it away from his car while trying to keep up with it , with my jeans restricting my gait. It missed his car and went into the shrubs I had lost my erection and only thanks to my lovely sexy wife did I get it Back she sucked me with our voyeur watching and after a while I had one of those Ejaculations that just went on and on and on. Darling, when you read this Thank You!