Written by Jon

25 Aug 2010

I imagine that like many, our first sexual experiences involved having sex outdoors if warm enough, or in the car. Not through choice, but necessity, living at home. Sarah, loved shagging outdoors and in the car, the more risky the location and chance of being caught or seen the better as far as she was concerned. This was about 10 years ago when we were both 18, we'd certainly never heard of dogging then, although it probably was. She would, on occasion, have the loudest, shuddering orgasms, only telling me after that someone had been watching us fuck. I only found out 3 or 4 years later that she also liked to watch couples fucking, masturbating as she watched.

We got our own place and moved in together, marrying 5 years ago, then having a comfortable bed for sex. Other than the odd shag in the woods or on holiday on the beach I thought our earlier outdoor antics had been forgotten. That is until a few months ago. We were in bed, just had sex and Sarah mentioned how we used to fuck in places where we might be seen or caught and how thrilling she had found it. I just laughed it off the first time she brought it up, but she kept bringing the subject up, saying it would spice things up, a bit of naughty fun, eventually showing me websites like this one to prove that other people did it. After several weeks I agreed, out of curiosity, to go with her to a dogging site, just for a look.

It was a warm weekend evening when we went. We arrived after 11pm, but couldn't see anything or anyone. After about 15 minutes I started the car to leave but Sarah wanted to wait a bit longer. As a bit of encouragement she hitched her skirt up and removed her panties, before undoing my jeans, stroking my dick, frigging her pussy with her other hand. I was soon hard and she lent over, taking my prick on her mouth, softly sucking and nibbling, her head moving up and down as she sucked harder, playing with her clitoris, as I fingered her pussy at the same time. She had cum once when a car pulled in, its headlights momentarily illuminating us as it parked about 50 yards away. Sarah sat up to look as I quickly tidied my self. She still had her skirt round her waist, her fingers slowly brushing her clit. The light in the other car came on, but we were to far to see anything, other than a couple kissing. A few minutes later another car pulled up between us and the first car blocking the view, we could see 3 men who waited a short time before getting out and approaching the other car. Sarah wanted to see what was happening and got out telling me to follow. I stayed back, but she went right up to the car, standing near the 3 men watching through the window. They said something to her but she shook her head. The passenger window lowered and the men moved closer, there was enough moonlight to see they had their cocks out, wanking and that Sarah had a hand under her skirt obviously playing with her pussy. She told me after, that the couple had been fucking and she had seen the mans cock shooting spunk on the woman before she'd lowered the window and sucked off the 3 watchers who had asked her for blow jobs which she'd refused, just wanting to watch. When the last of the three had cum she returned to the car saying "Lets go I need a good fuck".

All week she talked about going again, wanting to be watched, seeing blokes tossing off as we fucked, hinting she'd like to suck their cocks. She was far more enthusiastic then me, assuming we would be going. The following weekend she got ready, wearing just a pair of high heeled shoes and a wrap dress held closed by a tie belt. We aimed to arrive later and on the way she undid her dress pulling it open, exposing her 36" tits and her trimmed pussy. She rubbed my dick through my jeans then unzipped them, stroking my erection. I glanced at her fingering her cunt which was already looking moist, starting to open with excitement. We parked up again about 50 yards from another car. Kissing, I sucked on her hard nipples, pushed a couple of fingers in and out of her slippery cunt, as she wanked my prick. Reclining the seats she turned on the interior lights then lent over to suck my cock. We heard car doors slam and she sucked harder. She stopped for a moment, looking out the window she said "There's two men watching. Move a bit so I can get on top to let them see us fuck". My prick instantly went soft. Nerves, being watched I suppose. She tried wanking and sucking but it didn't work, I couldn't get an erection. Glancing out the car at the two men who were both stroking their hard-ons she said "Those two don't seem to have a problem. I've been dreaming of this all week. I need a stiff cock". I knew how much she wanted to be fucked, I'd disappointed her, I couldn't get hard and she was desperate for a good stuffing. "Do you want them to fuck you?" already knowing the answer as she smiled and said "Yes".

Sarah got out the car, dropping the dress on the seat she stood naked in front of them. She ran her hands over her body, stroking her pussy, lifting one tit and then the other, taking her nipples in her mouth, licking and sucking them until the were both hard, poking out, shiny with saliva. The two men were watching her as she rested her hands on the bonnet, bent forward looking straight at me through the windscreen. Spreading her legs, supporting herself with one hand, reaching between her legs with the other, caressing her clit slipping 2 or 3 three fingers in and out of her cunt, then used her fingers to part her pussy lips holding her wet hole open, inviting them to fuck her. Unlike me they didn't need asking twice. Still bent over one rubbed his knob end along her gash then lifted her so he could slam his prick up her. She twisted round, side on to me, grabbing hold of the other lads cock pulling him to her mouth, parting her lips, wrapping them round his cock sucking him to the back of her throat. Through the open window I could hear them grunting as they fucked her, wet slurping noises from her dripping cunt as he shafted her. The one fucking her held her buttocks, spreading her cheeks, first slipping his fingers into her cunt for lubrication, then pushing one and then a second into her arse. He finger fucked her arse in time with his thrusting prick. She pulled the cock from her mouth, lifting her head, arching her back gasping as she came, pushing her cunt back to meet each thrust as cock and fingers fucked her. The lad grunted that she had such a tight cunt he could feel her muscles gripping his prick and he was going to cum. She told him not to pull out, she wanted him to spunk inside her just as he held her still, cumming in side her with 2 or 3 spurts. The other man was still hard as she lay back on the bonnet, her head almost touching the windscreen. She spread her legs wide, spunk running out on to the paintwork. He got between her thighs, lifted her legs over his shoulders and penetrated her sodden cunt. Watched by me and the other bloke she played with her tits, stroking and teasing her nipples, fingered her clitoris, rubbing it frantically as another orgasm built. She moaned and gasped taking his cock deep from the angle of penetration, his body slapping against hers until with a shout he deposited his spunk to mix inside her twice fucked cunt. She must have laid there for 2 or 3 minutes as they tidied themselves. I had her dress and watched as she lay with her eyes closed, spunk mixed with her cunt juices, dripping from her pussy, soaking her legs, running down the front of the car. Putting her dress back on she told them that she hoped to see them again, thanking them for the fuck.

Back home we went straight up to our bedroom. Seeing her naked, nipples still hard, cunt gaping open, pussy lips still engorged, spunk dripping out, my prick was hard. I had to fuck her and for the first, but not last, time had sloppy seconds. She was still aroused and we fucked until she came and I shot my spunk, cumming harder than I can ever remember doing before. We have been back a few times since, hoping I'd keep hard, but as soon as I realise we being watched that's it. I've enjoyed seeing Sarah being fucked by several different men and fucking her afterwards, but we'd both like it if I could join in. Any tips an how to perform whilst being watched would be gratefully received.