27 Aug 2016

This was a while back myself and the wife where watching tv and their was a programme on dogging, my wife said god that must be so horny doing it while others watch I almost fell on the floor. You are joking me right, no she said I always loved it outside. On the odd occasion we had played when out walking but well out the way of anyone else.

The next week we was at friends about ten mile away from our house they wanted us to stay the night but I said no, I had things to do next day, That was a lie in the past week I had looked it up and their was a dogging site on the way home from their house, may plan was to pull in and take a look and see if she was all talk.

On the way home I said to her you know we was watching that programme last week yes she said, where about to pass a dogging place do you want to take a look. Ok she said but I'm not doing anything. I pulled in and it was down a small land and into a wooded area. we sat their it was about 1230 am I lent forward kissed Anna and she responded we was just having a cuddle, when a car came in and parked just the other side it was not that far, Anna said shit, I kissed her and said your safe. we were kissing and I had my hand in her blouse and was feeling her nipples which always gets her going. I then saw a figure walking along the side, I kissed my wife and pulled her blouse open, I had opened the window a little to stop the window from misting up. She had her hand on my zip and was rubbing my hard cock. I said your ok and I knew their was a guy looking in, she said is that car still their yes I said and the driver in next to your window she opened her eyes and looked shocked, Its ok I said, I was making her tits in full view to our new friend he was wanking his cock she said he got it out. yes you wanted this she said yes but with that i fulled her skirt up and her panties was on view I pushed my hand in side she was so wet and i started to finger her. The guy said though the little opening of the window ho that's nice open a little more so i opened the widow a little more and his hand slipped in and felt my wife's tit, she just made a little sound and the wetness on her pussy lips just went mad, I was rubbing her clit and he was feeling her nipples, he pushed his cock next to the car window wanking it. Anna was just moaning he said open the door. I unlocked it and his hands was all over her tits he said to her hold this her hand gripped his hard cock, I was rock hard and left her pussy and was jerking of. can you get out of the car Ann said no just feel, ok he said and by this time his hand was up her skirt and he felt her she climaxed again and again, He said suck me no she said, I need to cum he said . I butted in what about over your tits she said yes under her breath she sat round to face him half out the car and he was jacking of over her 34d tits. I got out of the car and joined him both of us jacking of over her tits. He started to moan and he cum loads all over them it was thick glue. after he finished he said thanks went back to his car. Anne looked at me cum dripping of her she took my hard cock and sucked me it was not long until she got a mouthful all the time i was rubbing his cum into her tits. We got sorted and we drove home all she kept saying was she felt so turned on and felt like a slut. We got home we went straight to bed she got undressed and she smelt of cum, we went in the shower room and I fucked her over the sink smelling the other guy on her she climaxed while i was fucking her which does not happen much I filled her open pussy with cum. We went to bed after a shower. For what she said the next day well if u want to know more you will have to ask.