Written by gordon_2006

27 Jun 2007

Last night I was in our local pub with my partner. We started talking about trying dogging. After the pub we went home . Around 1 am she brought the subject back up. I said to her , well stop talking ,lets go. 10 mins later we were in the car on our way to a well known dogging place . my partner had a long coat with nothing on underneath. It was foggy. When we arrived no one was there. We parked up and she started to fuck herself with a thruster. About 10 mins later a car came in and parked beside us. I lowered the window and asked if he wanted a look.

He went to passenger side window which was open . He stared in and was amazed. I asked my partner if she wanted to fuck him. She said yes .. He said his cock was 8 inches and he wasnt lying.

She opened the door and swung round.

He leaned over her and slid right into her. She was gasping .

She then knelt on the seat and he took her doggy style. I suggested she got out car and leaned over the bonnet. She obliged. She was loving it . We saw headlights coming towards us, so they stopped. The other car pulled in beside us . I spoke to the driver and invited him to watch. She was then again bending over , his cock was right in . I took my cock out and she started to suck on it . the other guy pulled his cock out and she wanked him off . She was moaning ,she was cumming . she turned around and the guy shot his load all over her . we got the guys mobile number and you can rest assured we will be calling him again ...