Written by JJ

31 Jul 2018

I’m in a sexless marriage, it’s been 6 years and I kind of just thought I could tolerate it. I’m only mid 40’s but hubby not interested. I’ve always enjoyed the dogging stories on here they really get me wet so last year started driving up to a known dogging lay by. Not having a clue what to do I just thought I’d observe but quickly got wet looking at the parked cars and wondering what was going on. I was fingering myself and a guy walked to the window, immediately I shut my legs in panic, he laughed and mouthed ‘open’ and made a motion to wind the window down which I did, my heart thumping out of my chest. He fondled my tits and then asked if my cunt was wet, I nodded unable to speak. He looked quite sleazy, not attractive at all but I didn’t care, he fingered me roughly and then asked me to swivel round in the seat so he could kneel and lick me out. It was insane, I came so hard. He asked if I had any objects to fuck me with. I didn’t but at that stage I would have took anything I was so horny. I left feeling satisfied and that began my fixation with dogging.