Written by Janice

17 Jun 2013

Eve and I have been best friends for about 30 years, since when we met at college. We were a right pair of tarts and half the lads must have fucked us over the next two years. If we didn't learn anything else, we learnt that we both loved cock. It was after we left college aged 18 or 19 that we first went to bed together, one thing led to another and found we weren't averse to pussy either, pleasuring each other if our boyfriends or another guy wasn't about to fuck us. We both married in our early twenties, both had two children by the time we were 23 and settled down. Well more or less, other than the occasional fling which our husbands didn't know about.

A routine shag with the old man once or twice a week, was the usual, and sometimes we'd still get to go to bed together. We had a couple of holidays abroad, in 2009 and 2010, husbands at home and we behaved like a couple of sluts, different guys every night, sometimes more than one. Both of us in our early forties, getting fucked by guys less than half our age. It whetted our sexual appetites for more and after the 2010 holiday we began picking up guys on our nights out, shagging in cars or in alleys or parks in the city centre.

Eve got careless, her husband found a pair of spunk saturated knickers after one night out and they split in January 2011, soon after her kids left home, the daughter pregnant at the time. I separated from my hubby about 14 months ago, not long after I became a grandmother and my daughter had moved in with her boyfriend. I moved in with Eve temporarily and I'm still there. We may both be grannies, but most certainly don't behave like your average granny. Within a fortnight of moving in, I’d been fucked by three different guys and had a threesome with two of them, none of them much older then twenty. By the end of the first month it was just like old times, making up for all those married years, both getting shagged, usually by two or three different blokes every week.

We didn't have any trouble picking up guys. We are both forty seven,but I think look younger. I'm about 5' 6”, slim with 32c tits, a nice little bum I'm told, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Eve is a bit shorter, and has a fuller, more rounded figure and a huge pair of 36ff tits which, despite their size, are amazingly firm, seem to defy gravity, tipped by large long nipples. We both keep our pussies smoothly shaved, or perhaps I should say we keep each others pussies shaved. Part of our Saturday night preparations is to shave each other, which usually involves lots of fingering, vibrators or dildos and often culminates in us ending up in a 69 which gets us both in the mood for some hard, preferably young, cock.

We certainly have no shortage of guys wanting to fucks us and most weekends end up taking a couple of lads home with us sometimes three or four if we are particularly horny. Last New Year we ended up taking about a dozen lads home with us. They watched us perform girl – girl, Eve fucking me with a strap on until they joined in and it turned into a bit of an orgy. They probably all fucked me at least once during the night, spunk was still seeping from my pussy in the morning, with two of them still in my bed. I'd cum a lot too and we were both well satisfied.

We'd heard ourselves being called MILF's or GILF's and knew that lots of young guys liked fucking older women. I certainly like being fucked by young guys. They might not last as long as more experienced blokes, but they don't roll over and go to sleep afterwards and are often quick to recover and fuck again. Having said that it wasn't a rule that we only wanted young guys, but it was rare that we met or were fucked by guys much over thirty. It was a few weeks after the New Year that we talked about getting a load of guys to fuck us again. We decided that as long as they could keep hard enough to fuck us once it would be OK provided there were enough of them. Quantity not quality.

I'm not sure which of us mentioned dogging. We did a quick search on Yahoo, SH came up second or third on the list. Lots of stories which we started reading and some information on places to try. We've known each other long enough that neither of us had to ask the other. A look passed between us and I knew she wanted to go dogging. It seemed that it was mostly couples and though we had guys who regularly fucked us we didn't have regular boyfriends, both preferring the variety of being fucked by different guys. I suggested a couple of guys who might be interested. We talked about it unable to decide who might go with us. Eve finally suggested “I don't suppose anyone will object to watching two women playing, especially if they get to fuck us” and that is more or less how ended up deciding to go it alone.

It didn't actually turn out to be quite as easy as we expected. We must have driven miles, once or twice a week over the next two months, trying to find some action. It didn't help that most of the information on the Dogging Lists was undated, so we had no idea how up to date or accurate it was. We went to places and discovered them blocked off, trees or hedges trimmed or completely removed, others deserted. We had some good sexy fun finding out though. The cold wet weather probably put people off anyway. We'd almost given up going, more or less deciding there were much easier ways of getting a shag, so we didn't go out again for a few weeks. One night at the end of May we decided to give it another go. It was later than usual, we pulled into a car park we'd visited before and saw a woman, probably about our age, bent over being fucked from behind while giving a bloke a blow job, watched by about 10 or 12 other men.

We parked, watching as the woman was fucked by three of the guys and sucked off a couple more. By then we'd both reclined our seats slightly. Neither of us were wearing underwear, I'd unfastened my top and hitched my skirt up around my waist, Eve had unbuttoned her dress. We were both masturbating, excitedly as the men fucked the women. I was close to cumming for the second time by the time all the men had either fucked her or she'd sucked them off. The lucky bitch finished up, being held spread-eagled over the bonnet of the car with the guy who we assumed was her partner, fucking her very sloppy cunt. Even from where we were there was enough light from the cars sidelights to see spunk being forced from her cunt, and running down the bonnet each time the guy rammed his cock up her.

We'd turned our interior light on, but no one paid us much attention initially, until the couple drove off. Eve had leaned over to my side, and was sucking my nipples while fingering my pussy. I'd worked my hand between her legs returning the favour. With the light on it was virtually impossible to see out. We guessed we were being watched, I managed to raise my leg and put a foot on the dash, giving any watchers a clear view of my shaved cunt being fingered by Eve. A face appeared, looking through the windscreen, another by the window next to me.

Eve stopped sucking my nipples, looked up grinning, then lowered my window and invited the blokes to feel my tits and finger my pussy. She sat watching them playing with me then lowered her own window, another two guys had their cocks out wanking. She called them closer, knelt on the seat, stuck her head out the window and began to suck their cocks. I was able to reach between her legs and slip three fingers into her soaking snatch and finger fuck her until she finally decided to get out of the car to let them fuck her.

I was well on the boil too, needing a nice hard cock, told the guys to stop so I could get out the car too. I bent over sucking one guy, while the other slid his cock into my cunt and fucked me from behind. From the corner of my eye I could see 3 or 4 other guys, cocks out hoping to get a turn. I swallowed one load of spunk, took another load in my pussy, listening to Eve moaning and groaning she was cumming. Another guy fucked me, before I crouched down, sucking a guy while masturbating until I climaxed and he came on my face.

We both moved to the front of the car, bent over, hands resting on the bonnet. I felt a nice thick cock, sliding into my hole, turned my head towards Eve, she winked at me, moved closer, kissing me on the mouth as the guys fucked us. I was getting close to cumming, felt something splash on my back, thought that one of them had shot his load on me, until it was followed by more cold wet splashes as it started to rain. I told the guy fucking me to hurry up. He was close and he gave me three or four more thrusts before he came inside me.

The other guys had legged it to their cars by then. We scrambled back into our car with the two guys. It was quite fortuitous because it gave us a chance to chat and get some good information about where to go. The rain didn't show much sign of stopping so in the end we decided to call it a night, but not before, swapping mobile numbers and arranging to meet them again the weekend before last. The best weather of the year so far, a wonderful warm evening, and just me, Eve and a lot of guys. If you are interested I'll post again and tell you about.