Written by M31F21

7 Jul 2012

Hi i recently took my girlfriend dogging for the first time, she is 21 and wants to try most things. We had spoken about dogging and the fact i had done it in the past and she was eager to try it, the fact that people would watch her turns her on alot.

We was not dissapointed when we arrived and started kissing and playing around and it wasnt long before she was giving me head and a guy appeared at the window to which i pulled her hair up so she was looking directly at him wanking. This turned her on even more especially when the 2nd guy turned up. Much bigger cock and i heard her gasp when she saw it.

As cars pulled in and out and the guys kept disspaearing finally it went quiet and another guy came over and again started wanking watching me finger her, without asking i lowered her window and told the guy to play.

I had been watched before but never ever let anyone touch this was a massive turn on seeing a guy finger my gf as i rubbed her clit feeling his fingers inside her as she gave me head.

were looking forward to this week where i want to see her wank a guy off.