Written by mortal

8 Sep 2014

A day off during the week and the feeling of a hardening cock made me venture out to my favourite dogging woods in the southside of Glasgow. I arrived about half ten in the morning parked up and ventured in amongst the trees and bushes following the little paths. You have to be extremely lucky to catch any dogging here at the best of times, a lot of patience and perseverence is required. More often than not it's mainly gays and bi's and I'll usually indulge in my bi side if hetro MF action isn't around.

It was lovely crisp dry morning for the beginning of September. As I walked along some of the more worn paths I caught a glimpse of a couple if guys walking nearby. Instinct was telling me they were there there to cum but our paths hadn't crossed so far, so I carried on. A short time later, I saw a guy, I'd say about sixty, not the fittest looking huffing and puffing a bit, he was accompanied by a lovely blonde lady maybe late forties or early fifties at most. A lovely figure.She was wearing tight blue denims and a top that showed off some cleavage from her medium sized tits. The guy sat down on a large rock for a rest and I could just hear him say I'd love to do that again. His companion was giving him what sounded like some encouragement. I never thought too much about it and kept walking by them, but I was inwardly thinking the blonde lady was quite lovely.

I doubled back a couple of minutes later and the couple were gone. But my cock was going to need to release my spunk soon, so I looked into the thicker bushes and could just make out an older man grey haired in his seventies walking in amongst the bushes, and I thought well maybe I'll get a wank from him. So I started to make my way towards him and then I noticed another male behind an uprooted tree his arse moving back and forwards. I thought I had stumbled on some anal play between two guys with tue older male moving in for a better view. The old guy in his seventies had a quick look at what was going on begind the fallen tree and then he moved away, as if he wasn't too bothered.

It was then as I was about 10ft away I could see that the guy behind the tree was pumping someone doggy style. The arse and thighs belonging to person being fucked looked far too feminine and I realised this was the couple I had seen earlier on. My cock was stiffening very quicklyand not wanting to waste an opportunity I moved over to them standing at the womens side. She carefully hid her face with her long blonde hair. Her demims were at her knees and her man was grinding into what I can describe as a beautifully smooth and gorgeous arse. I got no signal to join in, and I never would without some sort of signal. Too respectful that way.

I pulled my cock out and started wanking, watching her being pumped. I was just getting into it when the guy pumped and held himself tight against his lady's arse he'd obviously cum upher fanny. He turned slightly towards me and said "That's it mate, that's all your getting."

He pulled his trousers up as did the gorgeous lady who was still trying to discreetly hide her face. Such a pity as I have no inclination to embarress anyone if I saw them in the future, somewhere, what happens in the dogging world stays in the dogging world.

As she pulled up her denims I got a great look at the cheeks and crack of her arse. I waa still wanking as they walked away heading back to their car. I needed to cum. The guy in his seventies was still nearby but was obviously more interested in my cock than the womans fanny.

He came over to me bent me over, stuck a finger up my arse and wanked me off at the same time. I came quickly, fantasising that I had been allowed to finger and fondle the blonde lady. My cum spurted over the leaves on the ground. The old guy loving it as it spurted from my knob.

I fixed myself, said my thank you's and headed off. I really hope I stumble on the couple again. Would love to see her being fucked again and maybe even see her tits. Maybe, she might even have a look at my cock from behind her blonde locks.