Written by Drew

14 Jan 2008

I`ve often thought about going to a dogging spot to see if it really is as good as it seems on the websites. My Wife was away with friends for the weekend so I decided that now was the time to go, I`d heard about a local spot and a website I visited said that after 11 on Friday nights was good.

I turned up at the picnic area where all the action was supposed to happen and parked my car.it seemed quiet so I got out and went for a wander, I followed a path to an area with two picnic tables and was amazed to see a small group gathered round one of the tables. As I got closer I could see 4 guys with their trousers down all jostling around a woman on her knees. I had to check this out so quietly walked over and saw that the woman had her head buried in a guys lap, and his cock right down her throat as she wanked one of the other guys so hard I thought she would pull his cock off. another guy was wanking and watching, her other hand was in her pants as she frigged herself. It was amazing and I took in the scene and was stunned to realise that the other guy who was taking photographs, was Don, my brother in law.....I tried to keep out of sight as the woman stood up and turned round to brace herself against the table and thrust her bum out to take the wanking guys cock into her pussy....it must have been wet, as it slid right in so easily.

I kept watching my brother in law as I came closer, but imagine my astonishment as the woman turned her head to suck a dick that was being waved at her, and I recognised my Wifes sister, Lesley....I shouldn`t have been surprised as she had always been a bit of a slut when I was going out with my wife......I`d shagged her a few times, until she got married and I thought she had settled down .........obviously not.

Well I thought I may as well get this over with, and I came out of the shadows and made myself known..... Don looked a bit embarrassed, and came over.I told him it was cool.their secret was safe, he tapped Lesley on her shoulder and she stopped sucking the cock that she had been enjoying and loked over her shoulder to see me smiling at her..........she smiled back and looked really really slutty with her lipstick smudged, her skirt up round herwaist, and a cock ramming her pussy. She seemed quite Ok that I had uncovered her secret.....but then she knew that I knew she was a bit of a slut. She told the guy to stop screwing her and undid my jeans got down and sucked me tiil I was about to cum...............she always was so good at that, then she lay back on the table, opened her legs and I screwed her hard and fast till we both came together. She pushed me away and showed Don her puffy pussy, with my spunk dripping out. He couldn`t resist fucking her then we took her home and used her all night.

She could hardly walk the next day due to the rough treatment she had recieved but made us a big fry up and took us both to bed again and we gently screwed her to about 5 orgasms that afternoon.

It was amazing and we now get together regularly, and me and Lesley always disappear now at family weddings and christenings for a sly fuck.,