Written by Darvid

20 Sep 2018

I was contacted by an ex girlfriend recently and she didn’t mess around she just came out with it.

She’s married now and has turned her husband into a cuckhold. I wasn’t surprised as she was always a dirty girl who loved a bit of extra cock. We used to go dogging together and we’d go to wisley and she’d suck guys off through the window and let them play with her tits and pussy. She never let anyone fuck her though, only me, but she loved to be watched and have guys wanking while we fucked!

Anyway I digress, she had contacted me as she had been telling her husband that I was a good fuck with a nice big cock and a very dirty mind, ( I was obviously flattered!) she had told her husband she wanted me to fuck her again, she wanted it outside, in a car park with him watching, he was pretty nervous because he worries about the security and safety of the whole dogging scene, but what this lady wants this lady gets!

Just a bit about this lady to set the scene, she is proper milf, 40 with fantastic tits, a lovely body and a beautiful pussy! She’s become a bit of a classy lady nowadays, her husband is quite well to do.

Anyway it all gets arranged, my partner had gone away for a few days so I managed to grab some freedom.

We arranged to meet in a secluded car park over in the ashdown forest, when I got there they were already there, she was parading around the car in the headlights and he was taking some pictures. She looked fucking hot!!! No other way to describe her! A wonderful mix of class and slut!

I parked up next to them and jumped out and said a brief hello, how you doing etc but then I couldn’t keep my hand off her and we started kissing and groping each other all the while hubby is looking on! All of a sudden she announced that she is going to tie hubby up and put him in the back seats of the car, so she does just that, ties him up and puts the knickers she was wearing over his head. This was getting so horny and kinky now and all 3 of us were really into it. He was doing just the right amount of protesting saying “this is so wrong” “ you can’t fuck my wife “etc. She was telling him that she “needs more cock” my cock in particular! I was telling him that his wife is a”car park slut” that needs more cock and to be used in car parks and at dogging sites and if he wasn’t going to take her then I would! We were all talking dirty and it was just egging each other on. She bent over and I slid my hard cock into her, we made sure he could see everything we were doing, I was being sure to tell him how tight and how wet his darling wife’s pussy was! It was her that took it to another level when she told him to suck her pussy juices off my cock, he really did protest but she pulled him out the car and put him on his knees and forced his mouth on my cock! Judging by the good sucking and licking of my cock I knew he was loving it! The protests were obviously just for show! They then sucked it together with her constantly telling him how big it was and how good it feels when it’s inside her and how much she used to love fucking it when we were together all those years ago, she’s a real dirty talker but a really clever one, she was pushing every single one of his cuckhold buttons, it was amazing to watch and to feel also! She put him back in the car and we were back to us playing again, I licked and sucked that pussy so much with her telling hubby how good it was, she sucked me and I described every detail of how his classy wife was now sucking her ex boyfriends cock in a car park like a common slut! We were all in that incredible dirty, ultimate turned on state that you get when you let it flow! I fucked her everywhere, on the bonnet of their car with him inside watching, bent her over the back seat so she was laying on him getting fucked! It was incredible! Eventually we slowly wound it down and stopped, hubby got untied and I got introduced properly, kinda strange seeing as I’d just used his wonderful wife but it was all very civilised. We all agreed we’d love to do it again.

So watch this space.

Ps this is all absolute fact! I sometimes wonder about some of the stories on here but this is how it actually happened!

Hope you all enjoy it and wank your cocks ( and pussies whist reading) I know I’ve wanked about it all numerous times!