16 May 2016

So now you know how Sue turned into a slut after 40+ years of persuasion.

I know l told Stu he could fuck her anytime but l didn't expect him to be round every day, not that l mind watching my wife being treated like a whore, and she certainly isn't objecting.

The first day he came round he was obviously a bit uncertain but Sue soon put him at ease when she opened the front door to him and asked him if he wanted her in bed or somewhere else. In fact he had her over the kitchen table, that was the sight that greeted me when l came in from the garden, Sue naked with her legs in the air, Stu with his trousers and pants down sliding his cock in and out of her cunt. I decided to join in and stuck my cock in her mouth and we both fucked her in unison, cumming together.

Over the next few days Stu must have had her a dozen times, l was amazed at his stamina. Sue has been loving the attention, making sure she has tarted herself up to look as sexy as possible when she is expecting him. She may be in her 60's but she has a slim figure, great legs and a firm bum, she could easily pass for 15 years younger. She has always worn shortish skirts but now never wears panties and will often give me a flash when we're out shopping.

She also likes it when Stu and l talk about her as crudely as possible, talking about what we would like to do with her. We often watch porn together to give us some inspiration, not that Sue needs much, she is constantly going on to me that she wants to go dogging again.

We were watching porn one evening, she was sat between us, a cock in each hand as l played with her tits and Stu had a couple of fingers up her cunt. We found a clip of a woman being led naked into a room full of naked men, there must have been over 30 of them, she was immediately told to lie on a mattress and the men lined up, taking turns at all three holes, sometimes all three together. Sue was fully switched on by this, jumping up and squatting over Stu, telling him to fuck her arse, she then leaned back and told me to fill her cunt, l couldn't see the screen but she and Stu could and she told us both to fuck her hard. I rammed into her as hard as l could and Stu did his best to keep up as she was thrashing about telling us to fuck harder, harder. Stu came first, then as l felt the wet rush of her orgasm l gave one final lunge and shot my load up her cunt.

" l want that" she said as we recovered, "l want a room full of men like that, fucking me any way they want until l'm full of spunk and covered in it".

She made me promise l would set something like that up and for the next couple of days she kept asking if l had arranged it. I told her it was not that easy to arrange that many men for a gangbang, saying l wasn't sure if she could handle it anyway, "Don't worry" she replied " l won't let you down, you find the men and l'll fuck them"

To be honest l was still trying to think of how l could arrange it when Stu came round for his daily fuck on Thursday, Sue was sucking his cock when he said to me " l've had an idea, l've accepted a job for both of us to take staging for a concert up to Edinburgh tomorrow, we just have to drop it off then come back, why don't we take Sue then we can overnight in that truck stop off the M74 and she can do some dogging. There is usually a full lorry park there on a Friday so she should get plenty of takers"

I said it sounded good, Sue just sucked him harder, slipping a finger into his bum to make him cum.

We did the job, pulling into the truck stop in the early evening. The parking area was filling up but there were two spaces available backing onto a grass bank so we took those. Sue was dressed in jeans and a top so l told her to change into her mini dress and get her make-up on. We then went over to the main building for a meal and a drink as we would not be leaving until Saturday evening. Sue was making heads turn as we made our way through the bar area her high heels showing off her legs and her large nipples visible through the thin dress fabric, she looked like a walking fuck machine and that was what l wanted.

I spotted a group of men sat around a table in the corner and while Stu was placing our order l told Sue to come with me as l walked over to them. I introduced myself, they were all Spanish but a couple could speak good English, l pulled Sue close to me saying " This is my wife Sue, after our meal we will be up the far end of the park, if any of you would like to fuck Sue she will make you welcome. She will suck you off but if you want to fuck her cunt or arse you must use a condom". As l was saying this l was lifting the front of Sue's dress to show them her shaved cunt, one of them reached forward and she parted her legs so he could finger her. Another one asked how much she charged but l told them it was free, she was my wife and they could have her as many times as they liked, with that we returned to our table.

Stu had seen where we were and guessed what had been going on. Our meals came and Stu and l tucked in, Sue was twitching with excitement, couldn't eat much, continually asking if we could go as she was itching to start fucking.

Eventually we headed back to the trucks, Stu had bought a few bottles of beer for him and l to enjoy as we watched the show. We decided it was warm enough to do it outside instead of inside the trailer so laid some rugs on the grass, Stu and l had folding chairs so we took our seats and told Sue to strip off and lie in the rug.

We didn't have long to wait as two of the men from the bar came round the back of the truck, as soon as they saw Sue their cocks were out and she was on her knees sucking each one in turn. They were talking to her in Spanish but l heard the word "puta" a few times which l think means whore so they were obviously enjoying her. Soon she was on all fours as one fucked her from behind while the other fucked her mouth. I was pleased to see they had remembered what l said about condoms.

I was concentrating on watching what they were doing to her so hadn't noticed another group turn up, this time there were six of them, forming a circle around Sue and quickly there was a relay system set up as each one in turn reached his orgasm and pulled out to be quickly replaced by the next in line.

The message had obviously been passed on, with even more turning up, Sue now taking cock up her arse hole and cunt at the same time, some of the men were happy to wank off and cum over her face. Stu and l were both wanking as we watched her desperately getting in position to take the next cock as soon as one pulled out. There must have been at least twenty men round her now, whenever her mouth wasn't full of cock she was spurring them on, telling them to fuck her harder, some of the men were pulling out then taking off their condom and pouring their spunk into her mouth, her face and hair was covered as were her tits and belly. Some were taking her for the second and even third time, l don't know how many orgasms she had, l definitely saw two but suspect a lot more. One of the men grabbed one of our empty beer bottles, shoving the neck up her arse as he fucked her cunt, then he switched, sliding his cock up her arse and turning the bottle round to stick the thick end up her cunt.

When he had finished, the next one decided to put four fingers up her cunt, then easily slipped his whole hand in so he was in her up to his wrist, fucking her hard. Someone else wanted to stretch her arse hole and soon had three fingers inside her as she was wanking off two cocks into her mouth. Sure enough, it wasn't long before she was being fisted in both holes at once, yelling for more, both Stu and l by now stood over her shooting our spunk into her mouth.

Some of the men had drifted off satisfied, but some more had arrived, a few had to be reminded about condoms but there was no problem, those that didn't have any just used her mouth or wanked over her. My lovely wife was being a complete slut and l was enjoying watching her.

The pace was bound to slow as more and more of the men were completely spent and eventually the last load of spunk was unloaded over her tits and the men walked away, thanking me and leaving Sue spread eagle on the spunk covered rugs with the necks of two bottles sticking out of her cunt and arse.

Stu and l left her for a while as we tidied up the area then l wrapped her in her coat and took her up to the toilet block for a shower. There were only showers in the gents and they were in full view so anyone coming in was treated to the sight of Sue soaping herself.

Once she had finished we went back to our truck, Stu had been up and brought back a take away which she devoured, plus a bottle of wine. Then we just sat in the cab, taking in what had happened. Sue said she had had a fantastic time and thanked me, she said it had been even better than she had hoped. She was obviously tired and soon we decided to turn in, Stu went back to his cab while Sue took our top bunk with me below.

Once we were alone Sue asked me how l felt about seeing her behave like that, would l stop loving her. I told her l was so lucky to have such a fantastically sexy wife and she never needed to doubt l loved her. "We have love" l said " that was just sex"

"Yes" she replied, " nice though"

She slept right through till mid Saturday day, even Stu and l going up for breakfast didn't disturb her. We were stopped by quite a few men who told me what a great fuck Sue had been and that she was a real sexy lady. I told them she would be pleased with their compliments.

We drove back home in the afternoon, dropping the trailers off at the yard, then Stu came round to ours asking if he could have a quick fuck before he went home. Sue was happy to oblige, taking him up to our bed.

I love Sue very much, we both know that we will not have many more years of sex left, certainly on the scale that we are at the moment but we are determined to enjoy it. Sue is hoping to put on a repeat performance soon.