6 Jun 2016

I hope l'm not boring anyone but it has been a hectic period and l wanted to relate what happened today as soon as possible.

I rang Val early this morning, she seemed relaxed when she answered, especially when l asked how my favourite pussy was feeling. She giggled, telling me how strange it felt allowing a perfect stranger to have such intimate contact with her, and how much more sensitive the whole area was now that dense thatch had been removed.

I asked her if she was ready to move on to the next stage as John was due home later and l intended arranging for him to fuck her. She sounded nervous then so l told her to masturbate while l went into detail of what had happened to me in Scotland and that eventually that is what l was hoping would happen to her. As l told her about being used in all sorts of positions, cocks using my mouth, cunt and bum, sometimes all three together. I could hear her breathing getting shallower as l described the men wanking and shooting their spunk over me, how l'd tried to catch as much as l could in my mouth. She started calling my name as l went on about those men treating me like a piece of meat just something to relieve themselves over or in. I could tell when she was cumming from the big sigh and change in her breathing pattern.

"God Sue, you make me feel so good, l want you here now, l want to hold you, kiss you, fuck you".

I told her to hold that thought and told her to be ready to come up this evening as l expected to have John ready for her by then.

I admit l found it hard concentrating through the morning and had a session with one of my vibrators to calm me down. In the afternoon l decided to do a bit of gardening to occupy myself, we have a large garden which is totally private due to a high hedge and the fact that the few houses are well spread out. I often go naked in the garden but today l was wearing a thin print dress with nothing underneath.

It was mid afternoon, l was on my knees bending forward to remove some weeds from a flower bed when l felt a hand on my bum. I gave a little start then heard Stu's voice saying he loved it when l was on my knees. As l turned to face him l saw he already had his cock out and grabbing my hair thrust it toward my mouth.

"Suck it bitch" he said, "l've been looking forward to this all day, open up and take my spunk"

I happily engulfed his shaft as he pulled me onto him, fucking my mouth deep and hard for a few strokes before his balls emptied their load deep into my throat. I swallowed as hard as l could but l couldn't take it all and some leaked out, falling onto my dress.

"I needed that so bad" he said as he pulled his cock out, holding it for me to lick off all the last traces of spunk.

"Are you on your way home or do you want to stay for a fuck" l asked.

With that he helped me up saying he was not in any hurry to get back to that frigid wife of his. We went back into the house and up to the bedroom where we were soon naked and exploring each other with mouths and fingers. I soon managed to suck his cock back into life and then got onto my knees for a doggy fuck. He was in my cunt up to his balls straight away then after a few strokes, pulled out and eased his slippery cock into my arsehole. I was meeting his thrusts as l felt my orgasm build, he reached under and squeezed my nipples as he slammed his cock into me. I had a vision of him doing that to me as l had my mouth clamped against Val's cunt, so much so that l could taste her juices and that just brought my orgasm to a peak. I came as he gave one last lunge, unloading his second helping of spunk into my arse.

He rolled off me and we were led side by side when l heard John shout from downstairs.

"We're upstairs" l replied.

"I might have know you would beat me to it, you dirty bastard" he said smiling as he came into the room and started to undress. "l take it you've had her already"

I replied that Stu had already had my mouth and my bum so he had a bit of work to do to catch up. With that he dived straight between my legs, his tongue seeking my clit and then moving to my bum hole which was leaking spunk. John never fails to get me highly aroused with his tongue and l was soon up there again, throwing my legs wide, begging him to fuck me. He moved up and slid his cock into my cunt then started fucking me as Stu played with my nipples. John never manages to last long when he is just home from a run and he was soon pumping his spunk into me then collapsing on the other side of me to Stu.

We all took a few moments to recover, then l announced that l had some news. I hadn't rehearsed how l was going to tell them but the story seemed to have a life of it's own as l went into every detail of what had happened with Val. I could tell that both men were totally shocked listening to me but nevertheless it was also affecting them as their cocks were soon rock hard again. They still listened in silence as l completed the story, stroking their cocks as l did, bringing them fully up to date where Val was expecting to come up later, fully prepared to let John fuck her.

Stu was shocked but did say that Val had been very sensual in their early years and that he had suspected there had been something more than friendship between her and their neighbour, but that he would never have guessed that it had been a full sexual relationship. I told him that he would have to put any bad thoughts out of his mind if he wanted Val to fully let go of her inhibitions. I pointed out that he had been fucking around for years and that Val was having to come to terms with that but that l had got her to a state where she was prepared to let the final barriers drop.

"You have to decide Stu" l told him, "we have the chance to turn Val into a slut like me, do you want to go along with that or spoil it by throwing accusations at each other"

Stu took some time but his hard cock was telling me that he was excited at the prospect of having a cock slut for a wife. John meanwhile was fingering me as l was telling the story and he was obviously ready to fuck the arse off her.

"It's up to you Stu" he said, "but you know how good you felt watching Sue getting gangbanged the other night, just imagine how you would feel if we had Val doing that. I know it won't happen straight away but it looks like Sue has already turned her part of the way, we could have a lot of fun taking her the whole way"

Eventually Stu came to a decision saying that he would give it a try, he admitted that watching strangers fuck Val had been a fantasy of his for a while, but he was curious as to how we were going to get started. I told them to leave that to me and reached for my mobile.

I told Stu he would have to stay quiet, then l rang Val and once she had answered l put the phone on speaker.

Me.. Hi sexy, are you ready for some serious fucking ?

Val.. Hi, a bit nervous, is John home ?

Me.. Yes, we're in bed now, he's just had his welcome home fuck and l've told him all about what we've been up to and how you want him to fuck you.

John.. Hi Val

Val.. Hi ( nervous )

John.. Sue tells me you've had your cunt all prepared for me to go down on you. She says you love it when she does it to you, well l'm an old hand at eating pussy. I'm sat here with my cock covered in cum from fucking Sue, why don't you come up and lick it off".


John.. Come on Val, Sue tells me you really want it, l love big tits and yours look wonderful l want to play with them"

Val.. They're not wonderful they're heavy and sagging"

John.. Just how l like them, Sue hardly has any tits so it will make a nice change"

By now my continual stroking of Stu's cock had him nearly at bursting point so l had to slow down for fear that he would cry out.

Me.. Are you coming up, John's good and hard, waiting for you"

Val.. Okay

Me.. Come now, this minute, no more messing about, get up here now.

Val.. Okay, l'm coming now.

John.. When you come, come naked.

Val.. I can't

John.. Yes you can, do as you're told. No-one can see you when you get to ours, you walk from the car naked, if you don't you can fuck off home and you won't get a second chance. Make your mind up, do you want to be a slut or not?

Long pause

Val.. Yes (weakly)

John.. What, speak up

Val.. Yes

John.. Yes what?

Val.. Yes l want to be a slut.

It was all Stu could do to contain himself at this point.

John.. Right, so get in the car and get up here now

Val.. Okay, l'm leaving now.

As we were waiting we all went down to the lounge where l told the lads what l had planned. About ten minutes later we heard a car on the drive, l went into the hall and watched Val walking, naked up to the front door. She was nervously looking round to see if anyone could see her but unless someone was actually passing the drive entrance there was no chance of that.

I let her in and kissed her, telling her she was very brave and that she looked fantastic now that she was smooth and the lips of her cunt were visible. I then told her l was going to blindfold her to add to the excitement. She was that on edge that she was in no state to object or question it. I used an old black scarf then led her into the lounge.

John and Stu were sat in the chairs, John got up and walked over to her, roughly grabbing her tits then fingering her cunt. "You certainly have the equipment to be a slut" he said, sliding two fingers into her cunt. "Get down on all fours, Sue told me you liked a dildo up your arse well now l'm going to fuck you there"

Val gave a whimper as if she was going to object but the state of her nipples betrayed the excitement she was feeling as they were fully engorged. I steadied her as she got to her knees then went forward raising her bum and spreading her legs. John went behind her, taking a good helping of lubricating jelly he began to work his fingers around then into her rosebud. Then he put the head of his cock against her anus, telling her he didn't want her to be passive, he expected her to work her arse onto his cock then he slowly inched his cock into her about half way, she let out a low moan as her bum accepted him then he grabbed a handful of her hair and finally pulled her back as he drove up to the hilt into her arse. That made her yell, but John stayed deep inside her. I knelt down beside her and kissed her as John slowly began fucking her.

I signalled to Stu who came over, standing in front of her, then l held her up slightly and told her to open her mouth. With that Stu filled her mouth with his cock then both men began to fuck in time with each other.

Before long, l could see Val deliberately moving back to meet John's thrust, at the same time her mouth was working on Stu's cock. She was soon building to a crescendo herself, both men were close then Stu gave me the signal and as he started pumping into her mouth l quickly removed the blindfold. At the same time, John reached his climax with one final thrust, Val suddenly realised who's cock was in her mouth at the same time as her body was overcome with her orgasm.

I had been rubbing myself as well and was not far behind and as John withdrew from her arsehole l took him into my mouth, licking off the cum that was coating his cock.

We were all led on the floor, there was an awkward silence so l went over to Val and we kissed, we started stroking each other and soon we had worked ourselves into a full sixty-nine, frantically working our mouths and tongues on each other's cunt. I was obviously better at it than her so had to hold her back until l could feel my orgasm coming then timed it so that we both came together eagerly lapping up each other's juices.

We were still slightly awkward with each other but gradually the barriers were removed as we played with each other, John enjoying himself with Val's tits while Stu gave me plenty of attention. We had sex a couple more times, Stu fucking me as John fucked Val, both us girls side by side, kissing each other as we were being fucked. There was still not a lot of conversation and it was obvious Stu and Val had some talking to do so instead of them staying the night, they decided to head home, Val having to walk back to the car naked as her clothes were there, but it was fairly dark then anyway.

Once they had gone John told me that he had met up with that woman from the SH website that he had fucked before, apparently her and another woman were dogging in his lay-by so he had gone over and had a blow job off the other woman. He said he had spoken to the original woman's husband who recognised him and it turns out they don't live far away from us, about twenty miles. He gave John his contact details and said perhaps we could all meet up sometime.

We also talked about Val and Stu, John telling me l had done a great job of grooming Val and that she was obviously sexually frustrated or she wouldn't have turned so easily. He also said how much he enjoyed watching us girls together, l said l enjoyed that too but there was no substitute for a good fucking.

It looks like this is now a snowballing pattern that hopefully is going to progress into some fantastic experiences especially if this other couple come on board as they seem much more experienced than us.