Written by Southern Boy

20 Jan 2009

About 15 years ago, my ex-wife and I had a really good friend called Jen. Jen was just 40, tall thin and very attractive with small but pert tits. Unfortunately she had been married twice but neither had worked out. She used to spend a lot of time at our house and we all had good fun together, sadly not that sort as my ex was very straight. We had quite a few parties and Jen used to get very pissed, unfortunately it only took a couple of glasses of wine to get her going, and she and I often had a grope and kiss when the wife was not about. She even got as far as giving me a blow-job in our garage during a bar-b-q whilst we were supposed to fetching more drinks, sadly we were stopped when we heard someone coming to the garage. Anyway Jen decided to move back North to be closer to her family but always kept in touch with letters, Christmas cards etc. and even when my wife and I split up she always kept in touch with me as well. Just over a year ago I got a new job which involved a lot of travelling including trips up north close to where Jen now lives. To start with they were always short trips, only one night and a lot of work, so I never bothered getting in touch with her. Just before Christmas though I had a trip which was going to involve four nights away.

About a week before I telephoned Jen, a guy answered the phone who I assumed was her new partner Colin. I explained who I was and why I was ringing, he was very pleasant, but explained Jen would not be back until late and could I try the next day. I called about six the following evening and we had a long chat about old times etc. and agreed to meet up the following night at a pub which was fairly close to where she lived. I got there a little early as I wanted to allow myself some spare time in case I couldn’t find it. I bought a drink and found a table near to a window overlooking the car park. About 10 mins later a car pulled in and I have to admit I was excited to see Jen getting out, the car then drove off. As she walked into the pub, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she had hardly changed and looked fantastic in a while blouse, fairly short skirt, black stockings and high heeled shoes. A few guys turned their heads as she walked across the crowded pub to where I was sitting.

After a brief hug and peck on the cheek I fetched her a large glass of red wine and we sat and talked over old times. Jen explained that Colin had been called into work, and had dropped her off on his way, and she asked if I could take her home. By 10 she was ticking well after a few glasses of red, and we decided to make tracks. When we got to the car, I went to open the door for her and she grabbed me and we started a passionate snog. I was rubbing my hand up and down her tight little ass and the tops of her long legs and could feel the unmistakeable button on her suspender belt.

After a couple of minutes we got in the car and carried on the passionate snogging. I slid my hand up her long stockinged leg and under her skirt. I could feel her skin above the stockings and then to my delight discovered that she had no knickers on. All the time we carried on kissing and Jen started to rub my rapidly hardening cock through my trousers. People were starting to come out of the pub, so Jen suggested we drive off to find somewhere more secluded. We had hardly got out of the pub car park and she was unzipping my fly to release my hard cock. Jen started to wank me off as we drove and it was all I could do to keep control of the car. After a few minutes she told me to turn right down a small road then left into a car park. It looked like the parking area for a country park and apart from one other car at the far end we were the only ones there. We started kissing again whilst Jen continued to wank me, I undid her blouse and was soon fondling her pert little tits. Jen then kneeled on the passenger seat turned towards me and then took my now aching cock into her mouth and started to blow me. I had my hand under her and up her skirt and was playing with her clit and gently probing her tight but very wet cunt. I couldn’t believe how randy she was. I slipped one and then two fingers into her and with my other hand removed her blouse and started to rub and pinch her nipples. She was bucking back and forth on the seat and sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow. I slipped one finger from her fanny and started to rim her ass, “Oh God stick it in and fuck my ass “she screamed out. I slid my finger into her ass and started to finger fuck both of her holes. It was then that I realised we were being watched. A guy was standing just in front of the windscreen on the passenger side, obviously getting a full view and massaging his cock through his trousers. I carried on fingering Jen and whispered to her that this guy was watching. I thought that would be it, but to my delight she said “Well let’s give him a fucking good look then” and with that pulled her skirt up over her ass so he could see my fingers working on her. He moved to the side window, only a couple of feet from her ass and got his cock out and started to wank himself off. Jen turned and looked at the guy through the window then said “open the window and let him get a real eyeful “. With that she resumed sucking my cock whilst I operated the electric window. The guy obviously couldn’t believe his luck, neither could I, and he looked me in the eye and nodded, I nodded back in approval and he leant into the car and started to fondle Jen’s ass. This was obviously really turning her on and she tightened her grip on my cock and started to take me right down her throat and was sucking like a seasoned pro. I took my finger from her ass and then pushed two of them up her soaking cunt while rubbing my thumb up and down her hard clit. The guy inserted his finger up her arse and I could feel him finger fucking in pace with me finger fucking her cunt. Jen was moaning louder and louder, then took her mouth from around my cock as she moaned and breathed louder and louder as her orgasm approached, suddenly she let out a really load moan and cried out “ Oh fuck yes. Yes, yes.I’m coming “, as her orgasm exploded. The guy wasn’t far behind and shot his load all over her ass, skirt and her lower back. We all stopped breathless for a moment, then as cool as you like the guy zipped said “Thanks mate” and walked off toward his car! We sat there for a couple of minutes taking in what had happened, then Jen said “Take me hone I want you to fuck me now “. She stuffed her blouse into her bag and put her jacket on and we drove off.

We got to her flat in less than 10 min, but as she approached the door we noticed the light and realised Colin was at home. I thought ‘this is going to take some fucking explaining’. Jen walked straight into the lounge and said “Hi Colin meet Jon “. You could have knocked me over with a feather, there in front of me stood the bloke from the car park. “I’m sorry it was the only way we could live out our dogging fantasy “said Jen. I was only too happy to have obliged! ” Come on you two we have got some serious fucking to do” announced Jen and peeled off her jacket and got down on all fours. This time it was Colin’s turn to give me the nod, we were both stripped in seconds and I got down behind Jen. I eased my rigid cock into her sopping pussy and started to fuck her for all I was worth. Colin watched for a couple of minutes then knelt in front of her and pushed his cock into her eager mouth. This was all too much for me, the sight of her sucking on Colin’s cock, his cum still on her ass and back, I exploded deep inside her. “Quick swap places “demanded Jen and then proceeded to lick my cock clean before taking me in her mouth and blowing me again. “ How’s that Colin – two fantasies in one night, dogging and slippery seconds “she taunted. We must have carried on sucking and fucking for about two hours, including Jen climbing onto Colin’s cock and letting me fuck her in the ass.

We have had another evening of sex since, with us both fucking her in the back of the car back at the dogging site, much to the delight of the onlookers, but that is another story.