29 Dec 2015

Now this is a 100% true story unlike a lot on here!

many years ago i was seeing a girl called carrie she was blonde size 10 with a nice tight little body and loved to fuck!

Now although she loved to fuck she wasnt by any means a slut and try as i hard as i might to get her fucking other guys, my pleas fell on stony ground!

now what i did talk her into was dogging, "whats dogging" she asked , well you go to a quiet car park where people meet and they watch us fuck in car and we can watch them too!

Now this didnt seem so agreed to it and all dressed up off we went, doors locked we began to kiss and play in car i got her lovely 32c breasts out and quickly a few guys surrounded the car she was nervous and didnt look at them but let me finger her followed by a nice long blow job and me cummin in her mouth, then we drove home!

Now that wasnt so bad was it? I asked, no mark but was so nervous and the guys kept trying the doors to get in!

Thats because your so sexy I said and they wanted a better look, you see some girls let the guys touch them too!

Oh she said and that was it!

Now a couple weeks later i asked her to go again, she was relucant as seeing so many guys wanking made her nervous, so i suggested we get her dressed up and before we pull in i put a blind fold on her! That way she would even know she was being watched! Problem solved!!

She agreed and I suggested a few drinks first before we go.

We walked into the pub and all the guys eyes were on her eyeing up her lovely long legs and long blonde hair as all the women gave her evil looks! I loved it made me horny knowing all the guys wanted her!

Little did she know she was getting double vodkas instead of singles and i made sure they were coming fast and steady to loosen her up and plus I knew vodka made her horny from past nights out!

Ok lets go I said! We drove to near the dogging spot and put on her blind fold and in we drove, nice hot summers night and was dark but still good visability so I could enjoy the show!

I kissed her and undid her top to expose her bra less titties and began to suck on them as i fingered her pussy , a few guys began to gather but only 3 this time so not as hectic, they all began to wank as they watched.

Is there anybody there Carrie asked? only 1 guy I said dont worry .

I'm just going to unwind the window Carrie ok its so hot in here and then he can see better ok? Ok yes was her reply.

Is it ok if he just strokes a tittie Carrie? OK she says

I mouth 1 at a time ok and let the first guy feel her tits as he wanks, he didnt last to long before he cum all over my car door with spunk running down my door panel, the second guy didnt even get that far and cum straight away too , wiped his cock and walked off not even wanting to touch her!

That just left the 3rd guy who came into the light of the car window and I see as he was quite well built in the cock deptment but also when he bent down to feel her tits he was much much older than i expected! I mean like we we in our early 20s at the time and he was late 60s at least!

Good job she was blindfolded I thought as this would of freked her out but made me even more horny seeing her felt up by such an older man!!

He wanked his big cock (8-9" i guess) as he pinched her nipples, I told her to give me a suck now and she knelt on her seat arse in the air and began suckingme!!

He opened the door and lifted her tiny denim skirt up round her waist and prceeded to peel down her tiny red panties untill they were off!

What he did next made me smile as I watched him sniff her damp panties and them pocket them for later!!!

His fingers found her wet pussy and took over from where i left off fingering her and making her cunt squelch as he did!

I was waiting for him to stop her but she never, she just carried on sucking head down arse up and seemed to be moaning as he played with her, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and made her moan even more now ! This went on for 5-10 mins and i was struggling not to shoot in her mouth there n then i was so aroused!

He stopped licking and taking his cock in his hand guestered to me if he could fuck her? I nodded and hope she would be ok!

He took his huge thick cock and began to rub it along her wet cunt giving her the chance to say no if she wanted, but to my surprise she just moaned and carried on sucking my cock like she hadnt eaten for days!!!

The old man began to push his huge member into her slowly and with each stroke let her have a another inch until he was banging away at her like an animal! She loved it! and he must have thought it was his xmas and birthdays roled into one getting a fit young girl like Carrie to fuck at his age!!

she had now took my cock from her mouth and was just nestling her head in my lap and enjoying getting the fuck of her life by a stranger!

and when i could see her was close to cumming i shoved my sticky cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her throat exploding seconds after her let out a long loud maon and empty his old mans balls deep inside her!

Filled from both ends and by a man old enough to be her grandad was so fucking horny for me and something ive never experienced since but would love to replicate with my wife if i ever got the chance!!

She never did go dogging again and she didnt wanna talk about it either but what a way to have a first proper and last experience of dogging!!

Hope you enjoyed my TRUE story and sorry it didnt have 20 guys use her and all have 12" cocks but this really happened about 17 years ago and has been a great wank memory ever since