Written by Nick

4 Apr 2016

I'd been dogging a couple of times before. Usually in the South East. It was the sterotypical set up of a couple of cars some with single guys, some with couples in. The couples were usually in their 40s or older. Guys a more mixed bunch but still usually older and heavier.

Anyway, I was working in Plymouth and decided to do a quick search and see if any decent spots were recommended. I found a site that recommended a small car park not too far from Devonport. I decided I'd give it a try on a friday night as from experience at other sites that was usually a good time. With no work the following day and staying alone, it didn't matter how long I waited around either. It was dark and I turned up at about 10:30pm. There were two cars in the car park. It had some bushes shielding the car park from the main road and then a sea wall along the front of it. It seemed a very quite area. I could see in the two other cars thanks to a street light on the main road which provided just enough light.

One of the cars had a younger guy in the driving seat. He look like he was in 20s. The car looked like the type a boy racer would have. Fiesta ST. I started to wonder whether this meant it would be car cruisers here tonight rather than the sort of action I was after.

The other car looked to have an older guy at the wheel. I would guess he was in his 40s. Not too big but clearly muscular.

I had parked opposite them. I sat there and they did the same. There wasn't much happening. You could see all three of us were checking phones and listening to the radio but not much else.

Around 11:30pm, a car came in, followed quite quickly by another. They parked in front of the wall but in the middle leaving both sides open next to the cars. It was dark and hard to make out who was in the car. I sat and waited. About another 10 minutes passed and a van drove in. It parked behind the two cars effectively blocking them in. I wondered what was going on. They seemed to know each other however as once parked up, three guys got out from one of the cars and walked up to the van. The van driver also got out and they walked round to the car which was parked closest to me.

As they moved, I got a better image. The four men, appeared to be wearing cargo trousers and matching blue jumpers, along with work boots. Once around they other car they got chatting and the driver of that car also got out. He walked round and opened the passenger door, acting as if he was a chauffeur. The others were laughing and taking the piss. He opened the door and a tall, blond girl got out. She was wearing next to nothing. A short black skirt, tight white top and killer heels.

One bloke run ahead and opened the sliding door on the van. Two of the lads jumped in. The girl stood by the door before also climbing into the van. The other three stood around leaning on the boot of the car and chatting. I could see the van slightly start to shake. I knew something was going on inside. They didn't seem to care that other cars were in the car park.

One of the blokes waiting outside, started messing around with his trousers and quickly had them unzipped and was standing there wanking. The other soon joined. I decided I'd get out and wander over. If they didn't want any watchers they'd soon say I'd jump back in the car and leave.