Written by hotsallytim1

12 Aug 2007


I just want to let you all know that real fun can be had dooging and there are some open and fun couples out there looking to play.

Tonight I just stoped in a well know doggy area near Exeter, not exspecting much. Talk to a couple of guys and the said that nothing was happening. I was about to leave when a couple parked their car next to me.

I just sat and watched for about 15 mins and they were begining to start to play. I slowly got out of my car ... they continued and seemed to enjoy know i was there. Walking slowy up to their car, she wound the window down alittle me ....... he was fingering her pussy and she was loveing it ....... Asking if it was ok to watch, she wound the window right down, she was young and fit and really enjoying it ....

I started to strock her leg and slowly move down the thigh to her stocking tops, she was hot ! I strted fingering her very wet pussy and the guy undid his trousers for her to start wanking him. They open the door so she could suck my cock ......

He suggested we go somewhere quite .... not know where to go I said i know a quite place so we drove a mile or so down the road. Where we both parked up, she but now was gagging for more, I sucked her lovley pussy as she wanked me and her guy. Then giving me a condom she asked me to fuck her, she sucked me and got me nice and hard. I then suggested she get onto all fours and to suck her guy as I fucked her doggy ..... she was loving it, two cocks at once ..... i fucked her so a while until she came .... still sucking her guy we were all well satified .......!

That finished a lovely weekend. If you were the couple thanks alot and maybe we will meet again.

Fun can be had by all just respect and wait ....