Written by Boddi

30 Aug 2007

Several weeks ago I met a lady in town and we got chatting, went for coffee. We arranged to meet the following week , over a period of time we moved our conversation from chat to sexual.

She disclosed to me that she always fantisised about fucking a man while her husband was in the next room where she could see him.

Well the following week she told me she was having a dinner party and I was invited - 8 in total

The night arrived, wine flowed and then a game offcards started, the wife said she did not want to play and said she was going to do the dishes, - I immediately offered to help.

As we walked backwards and forwards clearing the table and pouring more drinks she kept stroking my cock which by now was rock hard.

She then whispered in my ear that she had no pants on and that she had been playing with her clit under the table in antiscipation of getting fucked.

The card came was getting noisy and nobody took any notice of us.

In the kitchen she started lifting her dress to expose the flesh above the stockings and the ripe blood filled lips of her clit.

She started to tease me, stoking my cock outside my trousers.

Next thing I know she has opened the serving hatch and tells me to talk to the card plays, well I start asking stupid questions ( drink talking ) and generally having banter.

She bends down and takes my bulging cock from my trousers and starts to suck my cock deep into his throat.Runs her tongue around my pulsating head and sticks her tongue down the eye.

Suddenly one of the card players stands up saying they were going for another drink, I had to put my cock away double quick.

Drinks duly poured and despatched she lent over the work top staring at the card players and told me to lick her pussy.

She is so wet my face is covered, and when she orgasms I get another face full.

She then tells me to fuck her, she twisted slightly sideways so she can still see the card players I lift her dress and slide my cock straight up her soaking wet cunt.

I have to be honest and say the whole situation was weird, when she tells me to fuck her quick and hard, well after about five thrusts I fill her wet cunt with my hot sticky spunk.

We sort our self out and finish the washing up and move back into the lounge where the card school is breaking up.

As people leave I am the last and the husband who is sat down asks if I have had a good time to which I agree. At this point he slides his hand up his wifes dress, obviously fingers her pussy and put the fingers in his mouth and says- yes you obviously have had a good time.

I am shocked by it all and nervous to what he is going to say, it turns out his wife meets people and tells of her fantasey and that I am about the fifth she has done it with and while he played cards he knew I was fucking his wife and that later he would have sloppy seconds.

He did say he was going to bed so if I wanted to fuck her again - good and hard for deceiving me to go right ahead, and with that he left the room.

I grabbed her, bent her over the arm of the chair lifted her dress dropped my trousers and fucked her good and hard and spanked her arse until she was red.

As i finished and started to get dressed I noticed the husband looking through the service hatch having watched me fuck his wife - he told her to get up stairs and to be ready for him and came and showed me out, explaining that;

It turns out that this scene is their thing, she picks up men ,fucks them watching husband and then he watches her being fucked, before taking her upstairs and fucking her himself.

What ever turns you on - but she was a wet bitch and a good fuck