Written by Jon

1 Oct 2010

My name is Jon, I am married to Alma, she is fifteen years younger than I am. We married when she was thirty-five so, obviously, I was fifty and I was a very fit man for my age and our sex life was wonderful. Alama was used to having an exciting and varied sex life and for the first five years I was able to cope and satisfy her easily. However I then developed a health problem which meant that, at times, I would have spells when I could not perform. It soon became very plain to me that Alma was missing her usually frequent sexual satisfaction, I gave this a lot of thought, I didn't think that it was being fair for her. Not that she ever complained, quite the reverse, but I felt that she deserved better. I had a spell when I could not perform for about a month so I said to her that I would not object to her obtaining satisfaction elsewhere, she protested at first but I could tell that the idea appealed to her so I persisted. I made a few basic rules which I won't bother you with but amounted to her not doing it on her own doorstep or with the sort of man she knew I would not approve of.

We both worked as neither of us had kids and it wasn't long before Alma came to me one evening and said that there was a man she fancied and could she do it? I gave her my permission straight away on the one condition that when she returned home she told me all about it.

The Friday evening of that week she came home and after a quick meal showered and dressed to go out and meet this man. Like most women she had sexy underwear that she wore on special occasions and with her good figure she looked great in it, she wore only a button-through dress over. She had a car of her own and, with my blessing she drove off to meet her chosen man, his name was Alan. Alan and Alma, sounded good!

She said that she would be back by half one in the morning, I went to bed and read for a while then found that I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of what they were doing all the time. So I just continued reading, on and off,as I couldn't really concentrate on that either.

Just before half one I heard her car stop outside. She came in and a couple of minutes later entered the bedroom. She was smiling and came straight over and kissed me, 'Did you?', I asked. 'Yes, of course, darling. Want to see?' She unbuttoned her dress and took it off, she displayed her sexy knickers stained with their efforts, 'I'm still full of spunk!' She said. Then she removed her bra, showing her kiss marked breasts, and the knickers. She always shaved her cunt so, with legs apart, she revealed her cunt with its still engorged lips and oozing spunk, 'He fucked me twice,' she explained, she kissed me, 'thank you, darling, thank you very much.' She got on the bed with me and I kissed and played with her slippery cunt, teasing her clit until she came. 'Did he make you cum?' I asked. She shook her head, 'No, sweetheart, you know I never cum when I'm fucked, only when I'm played with.'

That was the first time and it happened many times after that until one very special night. She had now a 'stable' of three men who she fucked in turn, 'They all give me something different,' she told me. That particular night she had gone out earlier than usual because one of her partners was able to take her to his home and fuck her in bed. She didn't come home until nearly two o'clock and I was on tenterhooks. When she did come home it was obvious that she had been very well fucked indeed, what she didn't know was that my latest period of impotence was over. And, boy, was I up for it!

She kissed me and undressed, she'd had a shower she said but her kniokers were still stained, she got on the bed and we kissed. Then, much to her surprise, I pushed her legs apart and mounting her pushed my cock into her well-prepared cunt. What an experience, prior to that moment I had never fucked into another man's spunk, I couldn't believe what it felt like. Alma gasped, then said, 'Oh, Jon, fuck me, fuck me hard darling!' As I rammed my cock up her the mixture of the spunk and her liberal cunt juice squirted out round my cock, we both quickly became slick with it, I slid on her stomach and thighs. I felt her cunt react and tighten on my cock as Alma came for the first time as she was being fucked. I didn't last long and she hooted and grabbed me as I shot my load up her and she came again, I'm telling you it was absolutely sensational!

When we had recovered I said that it was obvious that my darling wife had been well up for it, she laughed and agreed, 'I really was! What I didn't expect was that you would be fit enough to fuck me, I nearly agreedto stay the night because the bloke was ready to go all nighr. I'm glad I didn't, this was much better!' I said 'Well, if that's how you come home after being fucked by another man first, you'd better carry on doing it!' She did.

There would be no point in me telling you about what happened each week when she came back because I would simply be repeating what I've already told you, suffice to say that it has transformed our love life to a level I never thought possible. What I will say is that this sort of behaviour leads to other things that I, in Alma's case, am sure that you would be interested in. But not this time, I have to go, but be assured that I will be back with further adventures if you like what I have written.