Written by pinboy

24 Mar 2012

Well what can I say After the great sex with Joan the night before I thought it would be back to normal. On the beach by nine an hopur on the sunbed then while my wife laid sunbathing up and at the acctivities. I arranged to meet for lunch about one thirty and off I went. As I was strolling down the beach I noticed Joan and her Mate Sue near the waters edge I walked over and asked how they were and if they would like a drink, Sue straight away said she would love for me to help her out as I had helped Joan out the previous night. Wow no sex at home for months and now two older ladies in two days. We went back to the room where Sue wasted no time as soon as the door was closed she ripped off her swimsuit and pulled off my shorts got on her knees and started sucking my cock. I had to slow her down and laid her on the bed puyt my head between her legs and started making a meal of her clit. Well she loved her clit being nibbled and in no time at all she had come all over me she was a squirter it tasted great. After what seemed an age she said are you going to fuck me or what I want it in every hole you can put it in just like you did to that slut last night. I proceeded to slip in her and fuck her first up her fanny then her arse. I came all over her tits and then collapsed in a heap at her side. After ten minutes I felt her move down and start licking my dick back to erection it was great Jane not to be outdone had returned and was sat on the chair with a dildo up her wanking herself like mad. Back to erection I turned Sue over and took her doggy Jane in the meantime had moved onto the bed and had started licking my arse followed by a finger or two nice, I hadnt noticed her strap on a dildo and the next thing I knew she had the head opening my arse only the second time I had had anything like that up me it hurt at first then fuck me great. Sue smiled and said that made you push harder this went on for about fifteen mins when I knew I was ready I asked Sue and Jane to lay on thier backs on the bed and came all over their faces while they played with themslves and Su e squirted a stream of come all over. I found out they only live about an hour and half from me and will be meeting up at home when we return. Watch this space for more.