Written by srarling25

13 Mar 2012

mid february i to ld you about maries fling in tenerife then her long time thing 13 years or so each year with a guy she would meet up each october in blackpool these stories were told to you on 15/16 feb 2012.Well the first time she did any thing adventurous was when we were 22 and went to the time and place night club in doncaster.we had disscussed that i would enjoy seeing her flirt with another man and she was a bit tipsy and said she would try it in the club so long as there was no one in who knew us,it wasnt long before she was dancing with an older guy of around 30 and the dances got quite sexy with the occasional sng and a quick feel of her bum.I kept my distance from them an continued to watch and they were having proper snogs when he went to the bar marie came over and said he wanted to go out side as he was on a trip from scunthorpe some 20 miles away and they woul be going back soon .We quickly arranged that i would go and sit in my car which was just behind the club and she would stand quite near to the car and in her worrds have a good old snog.within 10 minuites they were stood about 15 yards away kissing and cuddling it didnt take him long to start playing with her tits, then to my suprise they walked further away from me deeper in to the car park i could still see them but not clearly even though there was a lampost not far from them.The guy soon had his hand up maries dress and appeared to be removing her knickers ,which was going further than we had planned but i was powerless to stop it he lifted marie up and it was obvious he was fucking her and she was enjoying it he fucked her for about 15 minuites and i could see he had cum .the chatted for a few minuites and marie walked off in the direction of the taxi rank where i would pick her up as pre arranged.Once she had gone round the corner the guy got inside a nini bus that was parked not ten yards away,straight away a bunch of guys popped up from between the seats and cheered and clapped the guy .The twat had got his mates to spy on him fucking marie.I picked marie up and she was very coy and said did i see what happenend no i said i couldnt see properly from where i was when you moved further into the car park,she said he had fingered her but she would not let him go any further,to this day she doesnt know that i and about 10 others saw her get a real good fucking.Yes i knew then that she was a lying bitch and a slut but i still married her the following year and have had some amazing sexy times so no regrets at all