Written by A&D

8 Nov 2008

At a wedding of a distant friend. a few weeks ago I saw my wife take the roasting of her life. The wedding took place at a large hotel in the country.

Donna is a short bbw aged 37 with big soft tits and long dark hair. She’s not generally a very sexually expressive woman but has her moments.

During the reception she got very drunk and began dancing with 2 young lads of about 19. It turned out they were the twin sons of one of the guests. I could see them both looking at her tits bounce as she danced. About half an hour in she came over to me and said she was just nipping up to our room to change her bra as the wire had broken.

She had been gone about 15 minutes when I noticed the twins were nowhere to be seen so out of curiosity I went up to our room.

When I got there the door was slightly ajar and I peered through to see Donna naked on all fours being roasted by the twins. The one behind was pounding her pussy hard and gripping her tits while her head bobbed up and down as she sucked his brother. The twin fucking her came and withdrew. She then turned on her back and spread her legs wide open. Within seconds I watched the lad she had been sucking sink his cock into her cum filled pussy. He didn’t last long before he was brimming her too.

By now I was hard as a rock and as twin 2 rolled off her I burst into the room undoing my trousers. Donna looked shocked and worried. I threw my trousers off and got between her big soft thighs and entered her dripping used pussy. The twins looked worried until I said “Don’t just stand there, suck her tits!” So as I shot my load in her the twins sucked her nipples.

We invited them to come back later, I might tell that story next.