Written by The Doc

18 Nov 2014

I have published 2 stories on here (shocked and Captain Fantastic) about my experiences whilst working as a GP in the Army. Day to day Steph and I have a normal sex life but over a number of years there has been the occasional and very erotic incident which, whilst mild compared to many, have provided me with some great memories.

The most recent of these happened last Christmas. As part of my specialist training I was working on a placement on the cardiac unit at Derriford hospital in Plymouth. One of the sisters on the ward was a stunning Indian girl called Baljit or Bally for ease. She was the consummate professional at work but a bit stand offish if I am honest - not open and warm as people often imagine a nurse. In addition she was married to a very successful Indian man and had an annoyingly 'brilliant' life. She lived in a v large house in Dartmouth and had 2 children who were exceptional at everything. Academically brilliant and outstanding at sport - you know the type, and she took every opportunity to show off her life at work. I think I can say that Bally was not one of the nicest health care professionals I have ever met. She was cold and unapproachable and made it very clear where a Dr on a teaching placement sat in the pecking order.

My placement ended around Christmas and having been on the unit for a while I was invited to the Christmas function at the Copthorne hotel (probably as the Drs bought the wine for the tables). It was a black tie event with a band and the usual Christmas stuff, and they did a cheap rate for rooms. I sat with other staff and had a great evening of banter and inevitable flirting, all in all a good night. We left the tables and moved into the bar as the events room was rearranged into dance floor and smaller tables. I was stood in the bar talking to a couple of the consultants and buying them a drink (had not passed my placement at this stage) when Bally came over and joined the conversation. Both of them immediately moved into smooth Dr role and did their best to flirt with her, so amusing to watch. I refrained from joining in slightly annoyed that she had spoiled my attempts at creeping to the boss. Despite the fact she was, in my opinion, dull and vain even I had to say she looked stunning. She is, I would guess in her early 30s, about 5'7'' slim size 10 with small but pert breasts. She had jet black hair and brown eyes and was wearing a long navy dress to her ankles split up one side. There was not a line or crease to be seen. I listened to another story about her son winning a prize for mathematics at school and took that as a leave.

I moved away across the bar to talk to another couple of nurses who appeared much more fun and we started to laugh and joke about nothing in particular and I offered to buy them both a drink. I went to the bar and immediately bumped straight into Bally waiting to get a drink. As we waited she looked at me and had the nerve to say "your round" with a smile. It is my round I said, but you are not in it, but happy for you to go first. She seemed a little taken aback, got her drink and left the bar. I got my round and returned to the nurse and chatted for a while. the inevitable moving on happened and they left to dance leaving me alone. I was just stood alone for a few minutes when Bally approached me and asked if i was okay. I said I was fine and she asked what a girl had to do to get into a round of drinks with me. I looked straight at her and said that being at a christmas function did not take away from the last 4 months and that I would be hypocritical to buy a drink for someone for I didn't really like. Blunt and to the point I know, but I knew we would never be likely to meet again and felt it would be wrong not to get it off my chest. She smiled and says work is work and we get students through all the time - I don't have time to make friends with everyone passing through. I acknowledged that and said that politeness and being friendly should not be an effort. She then thanked me for my honesty and said that when she asked how to get in a round with me it was hardly the answer she expected. What did you expect then? I asked expecting a cutting remark back. She paused for a moment, took a sip of her champagne, and looking straight at me she said "I thought you may just say that I had to take you up to my room and fuck you senseless".

I almost choked on my wine not believing what I had heard. "Well" I said somewhat shocked, "that would probably do it too"! For the first time she smiled with genuine warmth. I moved a little closer to keep our conversation private and said "but I am still not getting you a drink as you haven't done that". "We can put that right right now" she said and swallowed the last of her drink. We slipped out the door to the lift and I kept waiting for her to say It was a joke and walk away, but she pushed the up button and smiled. We got in the lift and she pressed the button for her floor. I asked if this was some sort of joke and that I was going to emerge into a room full of laughing colleagues. "You still don't trust me" she said and stepped in, so close to me I felt her breath on my face. I thought she was going to kiss me but as she stood there she reached down and unzipped my trousers pulling my hardening cock out - she dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth and gave one or two gorgeous sucks in her warm mouth - before putting me away and refastening my trousers. "trust me" she said! When the lift stopped she walked toward her room and I followed behind scarcely believing what was happening. She opened the door and as I went to enter she stopped me with her arm. My heart sank expecting her to put a stop to this dream - but as i looked at her she pulled me to her and kissed me, hard. We stood holding each other and kissed urgently, our tongues meeting. It was so urgent and passionate and I felt my cock hardening in my trousers. Then she pushed the door closed.

I stood just looking at this gorgeous girl in front of me, unsure of how this would start. She turned around and looked over her shoulder and I stepped in to unzip her dress. I kissed her neck as I undid the zip and she turned to face me again with her arms folded. She smiled and lifted her arms and with a little shake it slid from her body. I then realised why there were no lines - she was naked other than a pair of hold up stockings. She was more stunning than I imagined, a flat stomach, gorgeous small but perfectly shaped breasts, long shapely legs and a perfectly shaved pussy. Gorgeous!

"Well" she asked as I stared at her. "Perfect" I said and stepped in to kiss her again. Hard and passionate I pulled her body close to mine feeling every bit of her firm body. "Your turn" she whispered and started to slide off my jacket kissing me as she did. She undid my tie and undid my shirt. As she paused to undo my cufflinks I just started and this gorgeous dark body naked in front of me. She dropped my shirt on the floor and dropped to her knees unfastening my trousers and sliding them down my legs - I quickly let go of her and kicked off my shoes and threw my socks down. I stood in my boxers and she came close kissing me again pressing up against my solid cock. She then took my hand and walked me across the room to the window stopping right in front of it. She then stopped and dropped to her knees again and slid my boxers off my hard cock springing up into her face. She took it in her right hand gently wanking it - and looking up at me. She then leant forward and licked along its length over and over again. I reached out to pull the curtain across but she stopped, reached up and held my hand and whispered "leave it". She then took my back into her mouth and started to suck me. I looked out and could see people passing and wondered who would see us. I then looked into the room and watched in amazement in the mirror. This woman, who up until now I had not liked, was kneeling in her hold ups sucking my cock deep into her mouth. She varied between sucking me deep into her mouth and licking from my balls to the tip of my cock. Each time she sucked me she put her hands on my hips and pulled me into her mouth making me fuck her wet mouth. I watched this beautiful woman the contrast of her dark skin against my white cock was amazing. I started to feel my sap rising and knowing I had not yet touched her, I tried to pull out. Leave it she said - it will be better later! I relaxed and let her carry on with her exceptional work watching her suck me and listening to her wet mouth on my cock. "I am close" I whispered hating that this could not last forever. She sucked harder looking up at me with her deep dark eyes. As I started to swell in her mouth she pulled me out, tilted her head back and placed my cock near her chin. I knew immediately what she meant and started to sank my cock wet with her saliva. I stared at her beautiful face everyone outside forgotten and my breathing quickened. The first shot went over the right side of her face up into her black hair. Then another and another on her mouth, cheek, eye and in her hair. My cock started to soften and she looked up taking my cock back into her mouth and swallowing every last drop. She let my soft cock slip from her lips and I sat back on the bed - looking at this beautiful face covered in thick white cum. "Shower I think" she said.

We moved into the bathroom and climbed into the warm shower - I washed her and we kissed and stroked each other's bodies. She poured shampoo in her hair and I gently washed her hair. "All gone" I said referring to my cum. "Still early" she replied with a smile. We turned the shower off and dried ourselves with soft white towels me taking every chance to look at and touch her fantastic body. She slipped on a white towel gown and I put a dry towel round my waist and we went back in the bedroom. She dried the worst of her hair and it looked even better wet and shining. She then picked up a chair and placed it next to the bed and gestured for me to sit down which I did. She then folded back the quilt and whilst doing that went to her bag and slid something under the pillow. She then lay on the bed and smiled at me - "no touching' she said. With that she undid her gown and let it fall from her body. She then started to stroke her breasts and pinch her nipples rolling them between her fingers. She breathed slightly heavily and looked straight at me as her hands slid down her body. I watched her stroke a finger along her wet pussy slowly teasing herself. Her legs parted and I could see the pinkness of her pussy as she stated to play. She speeded up and then suddenly moved her hand angle and slipped a finger into her wetness - a little gasp escaped her as she did. She fucked herself with one finger but within a few seconds a second joined it and she started to wank in front of me. I leant forward to suck on her breasts but she looked at me and said "wait". She moved her fingers slowly inside herself and I could see the wetness on her fingers, and hear the noise of her wetness. On occasions she moved up and gently stroked her clit and she started to move her hips against her fingers. Then she started to speed up pushing her fingers deep into her wet cunt. She then reached under the pillow and pulled out a vibrator. She turned it on and slid it along the length of her pussy and then again she changed the angle plunged it deep inside herself. With her fingers she had been gentle and almost loving, now there was a distinct change.

"Fuck yes' she moaned pushing the vibrator deep inside her self. "Oh god" she moaned over and over - "I love it". a real urgency came over her as she fucked herself in front of me on the bed. I sat on the chair and my cock had fully recovered from its earlier fun and I gentle stroked it. She was close now - her breathing, her movements - everything told me she was about to cum. She turned the vibrator onto full and put it on her hard clit and pushed up against it - her body went tense, she pushed the vibrator deep inside herself came hard in front of me. "Yes yes yes" as she came all over her plastic cock. And then she relaxed slumping back on the bed.

She put the vibrator down and moved over on the bed and gestured at me to join her. I climbed on the bed and she kissed me hard taking my tongue deep in her mouth. We kissed hard for several minutes and then I pushed her onto her back and sauced on her beautiful breasts. She moaned and pulled my head onto her breasts as i sucked and nibbled her hard nipples. I then worked my way down her body and kissed her still soaking pussy. I licked along its length tasting her juices and loving it. I then pushed my tongue deep into her wet hole and sucked on her wet clit and she pushed up into my face. She then moved on the bed turning round and taking my cock in her mouth. We sucked and licked each other both varying the speed and firmness - she sucked cock so well. I then guided her onto her back again and she willingly opened her legs. I climbed between them and she reached down taking my cock and guiding it into her wet cunt. I pushed easily in - right in - and then stayed still and we kissed hard. I then started to move inside her - gently at first - she was so wet it was just gliding in and out. I pulled right out and we both looked between our bodies to see my cock covered in her juices, and the pushed right back inside her making her moan out loud. I started to speed up and at times pushed right in gyrating my pelvic bone on her clit. Then back to slow and deep. She met my every thrust and I kissed her and sucked on her breasts whilst we fucked.

I pulled out and she got onto all fours - she moved so she could see herself in the mirror. I entered her from behind - just slid straight in deep inside her. She seemed to love watching herself and met my every thrust - she panted and moaned and her small breasts moved in time with my thrusts. We moved in time with each other and her gorgeous body was a picture. We fucked like this for a few minutes loving the animal nature of the sex. She then paused and slid forward off my cock - I looked down and saw her juices glistening on my erection. Then she pushed me onto my back. I lay on my back and my cock stack into the air. She briefly took it into her mouth licking her own juices from it. Then she moved up and after putting some moisture on her pussy climbed onto my cock. She slid down taking my cock deep inside her. Then she stopped and leant forward i thought to kiss me. But instead she went to my ear and whispered "do you love me" "what" I asked shocked "do you love me" she repeated. I did not know what to say - not wanting this to stop and scared to give a response. "No" she said "you don't" - " so fuck me" " fuck me" she repeated over and over. And started to ride my hard cock - she slammed down on my cock - "fuck me" she kept saying. I pushed up hard against her and she fucked me hard. Occasionally she would put a finger between us and played with her clit - 'come on' she kept saying ' fuck me like you hate me" and I put all my efforts into fucking her hard - I could tell she was close and I wanted it to be good for her. I reached behind her and just when she was at the point of no return I slid a wet finger into her ass. That did it and her muscles calmed on me and she went rigid. I could feel her pulsate on my cock and fingers - she almost screamed as she came her whole body seemed in spasm. As she relaxed she climbed off and slumped on the bed.

"Where do you want me" I asked - somewhat desperately? She looked at me and smiled - "that was great she said - anywhere you want". I knelt over her and wanted my wet cock - she watched me smiling and warm - and I shot my cum over her perfect stomach and breasts. I was amazed how much there was for a second orgasm. She pulled me down on top of her - "share" she said as my cum was squashed between us. I rolled off and kissed her gently - amazed by the whole event. I ganged at the clock - it was only 1207 now - what a night.

I pulled the duvet over us and cuddled her gently - " that was fantastic" I said - "you are so hot". "not what you thought?" she asked. "Definitely not" I said - "I am so sorry". She kissed me again - " work is work" she said "but this is fun"! We fell asleep cuddling - but I was awoken at 4 in morning - as a pair of beautiful dark warm lips wrapped around my cock!

The motto is - never judge a book I suppose!