Written by Half a Sharing Couple

10 Sep 2017

My wife and I are new to sharing. A guy at her work kept flirting with her which lead to touching and with my encouragement he has become her first and only lover after 9 years of marriage.

We are very open with each other and she has answered all of my questions. She describes what they do and how. I feel I know his body almost as much as she does. We have both enjoyed her going with him. She has become very enthusiastic and wants sex all the time. It’s as if she can’t get enough.

I love waiting at home or being at work and knowing he is with her. It’s imagining all the dirty things being done to my sweet wife. Then we are together I relive every moment.

Unfortunately, he is moving away because he has a much better opportunity with his job. I know he has agonised about the move but he can’t turn it down.

He will be leaving in a few weeks and she says that once he goes she doesn’t want to have to find someone else. She can’t see how to replace him.

He just happened along, she never went looking. It was perfect.

We both have fallen into this lifestyle and want it more than ever.