Written by Tony L

3 May 2016

I know some of you are going to disapprove but if you think about it a lot of you would have done the same. My wife and I hardly ever have sex which leaves me very frustrated. I'm 54 and she's 58. I've only ever strayed once and that was a long time ago but what just happened has blown my mind and makes me feel like a man again which is why I'm sharing.

Its a very long story so I'm going to try and condense it.

The whole family which consists of my 3 daughters, grandson, son in law and boyfriend of one of my daughters plus a friend of my youngest (female) who I will call Emma have just come back from Florida. We had a great time and every one got on which is a big plus.

Emma's parents paid and arranged her flight and it was only two days before that they announced that she would be flying in 3 days after us which caused a few issues. They assured us that she would be flying back on the same day.

About half way through the holiday Emma get stressed and it turns out she had just read the ticket and her flight was 3 days after ours. Her parents tried to re arrange but couldn't. The only thing to do was for one of us to stay behind with her becouse after all we can't leave a 19 year old in America on her own.

The villa owners were great, the airline wasn't and it cost us a fair bit to change. In was decided that I should stay becouse I was the only one who could drive the hire car which also cost us a bit more.

Emma is a nice girl, very fully and quite attractive. I made sure I wasn't caught looking if we were by the pool becouse Emma has a great body, big tits, slim and a great arse. But at the end of the day she is younger than two of my daughters.

The day came to drop everyone off at the airport. Emma and I got back to the villa by 8 pm, at which point she decides to go for a swim.

After a bit of coaxing I joined her. It was all innocent but her jumping around made her tits bounce and my cock hard. She kept jumping on my back and messing around. Then out of the blue she takes her bikini off and asks em if I minded but swam away without waiting for a reply.

I swear to you, I didn't know where to look, I didn't want her to think I was a dirty old man.

After a few minutes she's back, grabbing me and putting her arms round my neck with her tits pressing on my back. I could feel them and her nipples pressing on my skin. She moved round in front of me and her leg brushed against my cock. She gave a squeal and touched it with her hand and asked if she had done that. I just shook my hand and she pouted apologetics. She was so fucking hot it nearly came there and then. Then in one tug my shorts came down and she wrapped her fingers round my shaft. I honestly told her that we shouldn't but she said no one would ever find out. With that she lifted herself up with her hands round my neck and lowered herself onto my seriously hard cock. I slid in so easily and it felt great.

We fucked in the water by the side of the pool then after I had switched the pool lights off we fucked on a lounger before going to one of the bedrooms. It was like a porn movie, she got on her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock.

I told her I was going to cum. She just said, ' not yet' and jumped on the bed, her legs open telling me to cum inside her.

I sucked her tits so hard I thing I hurt her but her pussy juice tasted like honey and then I was back inside her. Her big firm tits bouncing with every thrust, Emma's groaning just made it harder for me not to cum until I couldn't hold on and I shot my stuff into her. She shook as she orgasmed which made her tits wobble like jelly.

We didn't go out from the Wednesday evening until Saturday 11 am except to get food. We stayed in and fucked.

To be honest I didn't know I had it in me, I have since counted and we fucked 8 times between Wednesday 8 pm and Saturday 11 am with a lot of firsts for me. She wanted me to cum in her mouth so I obliged and then in the middle of a great fuck on the settee she begged me to fuck her up her ars so I pulled her up, bent her over the back of the settee and obliged. Her fantastic tits swaying like crazy. We even gave me a blow job in the car on the way to the airport.

The weird thing is I have seen her a few times round our house and you could swear nothing happened. I'm glad she hasn't said anything but I get the occasional smile as she runs her finger over her nipple.