Written by Mandy

8 May 2010

I've got a new boyfriend and he's wonderful. He's strong and powerful with a gorgeous smile and twinkling go to bed eyes. Best of all he's a fabulous lover who knows how to please a sexpot like me. On our second date Geoff gave me a prolonged shafting that was one of the best I remember ever having. It just made me want more.

Last Thursday he offered to take me out for dinner but I decided I was going to cook for him and have as many fucks as possible.I prepared all I could of the meal then made sure I was smooth, bathed and then smothered myself in an erotic scent. I put on some subtle make up, with glossy lipstick, I wore a tiny and thin silky blue dress with a white lace g-string and high heels. I felt very sexy and was longing for a good fuck.

When Geoff arrived I gave him a long kiss and enjoyed the feeling of his hands roaming over my body, his appreciative moans and the pressure of his growing cock! Soon it was my turn to moan as his fingers found my already wet cunt and explored me intimately. My juices, already flowing nicely, began to dribble as I became wetter and wetter. I pulled away and threw myself on the sofa, legs open and rubbing myself eagerly.

'Fuck me! Fuck me!' I begged. He fell on his knees and began to lick then devour my pussy working his tongue everywhere.

'Fuck! Fuck!' I gasped. 'I want fuck!'

In moments his hard cock was inside me thrusting deep.

'Harder!' I moaned as I writhed beneath him. 'Harder! Ram me!'

He responded well and drove hard into me for as long as he could before his lovely hot spunk exploded within me as I orgasmed. Gorgeous! Then we had some tender kisses that contrasted beautifully with our heated passion of only a few moments ago.

'That was some hello!' Geoff said with a cheeky grin of delight.

'I was longing for you,' I said. 'I so needed that!'

We both laughed and caressed each other.

'I need a drink and after that exercise I'm starving!' he declared, pulling clothes back on.

'Me too! Every thing's nearly ready.' I pulled my little dress straight and tidied myself.

'Love the dress! It makes you looks so hot!'

We wined and dined laughing and seducing each other with our eyes.

The moment we finished eating we fell on the sofa, but this time for gentle prolonged sex. I sucked his cock deeply causing throaty moans of satisfaction and then I was so tenderly licked I felt I was wallowing in sex. Suddenly I couldn't hold back any more.

'Lie down!' I demanded and I lowered my juicy cunt onto his hardness. He held me by my hips and I rode hard. 'Fuck! Lovely fuck!' he urged and I rode him as he thrust up me.

'In my mouth!' I demanded and he shot his load between my eager lips.

'Mm-mm ... nectar!'

'Kiss me, now,' he whispered. We kissed passionately enjoying his delicious spunk.

'You are a sexy girl,' he whispered. 'A very sexy girl!'

He eyed me greedily. 'There's a lot of sex in that gorgeous petite body!'

'Mmm ... I love it and I need lots of it! Can you cope with me?'

'You bet! The way you were dressed tonight I couldn't have held back for long!'

We chatted and cuddled then began kissing again. Geoff was turning me on in a very special way.

'Better be going,' he suddenly said.

'Aren't you going to give a goodnight fuck?' I asked with a cheeky smile.

'How could I refuse?' he asked. It wasn't long before we were revelling in each other, almost mauling each other's bodies.

'Go on!' I urged. 'Fuck me and fuck me!'

'You are so sexy! You need seeing too in a big way!' he gasped as he rammed me with wonderful vigour and we writhed in a fever of sex.

'What do you mean?'

'You need some special fun.'

'Mmmmm .. sounds exciting.' My juices flowed and flowed as his exciting words thrilled me.

'You like plenty of fucking, don't you?'

'Mmm - I need it sometimes. Just want more and more.'

'Then I think you are ready for two eager men to help you!'

'Oooooh! I've seen that in porn....'

'You like the idea?' By now I was so stimulated I would have agreed to anything!

'As long as you are one of the men,' I whispered.

'I know someone who would love to meet you,' he whispered.

'Tell me about him,' I said, breathing heavily.

'I don't think I will, I want you to have a surprise.'

Geoff certainly new how to keep me excited! The next day he phoned. 'I'm taking you out for dinner on Friday. Can you be ready at eight? A friend will be with us.'

I became so excited when he said that. 'What shall I wear?' I asked.

'Wear what you dare!' he said with a lovely chuckle.

Friday came and I again prepared myself, removing every trace of unwanted hair. I decided to wear a skimpy thin white dress with a lacy pattern. It showed a lot of my breasts and in fact I was so excited that my nipples looked very provocative as they pushed against the thin fabric. I put on white hold up stockings but decided not to wear anything else other than some silver high-heeled sandles.

Geoff came to collect me and gasped in delight. 'You look amazing!' he said. 'God! I want to fuck you here and now!' There wasn't time but those words did nothing to calm my excitement. Geoff gave me a bottle of bubbly to put in the fridge.

'Josh is meeting us at the restaurant,' he said 'I think you'll like him.' A few minutes later we were there and as I met Josh my excitement grew even more. He was a tall handsome African and he had the most seductive smile.

'How lovely to meet you,' he said with a glint in his dark sexy eyes.

Throughout the meal the two men flirted happily with me and to be honest I did nothing to stop them. Josh was admiring my body with his eyes and I loved it.

As we got into the car Geoff said, 'You to had better sit together and get to know each other.' As soon as Josh and I were sitting close on the back seat he gave me a lingering sexy kiss. I felt his hand slide up my leg and I relaxed as he gently reached my shaved pussy. He gave a gasp of delight as he realised how little I was wearing and proceeded to delicately play with me. I was sopping and his fingers slid in to me with ease. I reached for his prick through his slacks and a thrilling tingle surged through me when I realised how hard he was. When we go out of the car I kissed Josh passionately and ground myself against his hardness as he fingered my juicy cunt.

'Come on you two,' laughed Geoff, 'let's get indoors before we're all arrested.'

Once inside I was sandwiched between two eager men. Their hands ran all over me. At one point Geoff had two fingers inside me and Josh was sliding another in from behind. I felt that my juices were dribbling out of me. We staggered together to a sofa and collapsed in a pile of sex. I felt hands all over me and I grappled eagerly undoing two pairs of trousers. Suddenly there was calm as Josh began to kiss me passionately and Geoff spread my legs and whilst pushing fingers in to me began to give me a prolonged deep tonguing. Sublime!

I was rubbing Josh's splendidly hard cock when he stopped kissing me and pushed it to my lips. I opened my mouth and he began to face fuck me. I loved this and opened my throat so that he could get well in. Next I took control and eagerly sucked him and stroked him. I was on heat and needed real fucking.

'Fuck me! Please fuck me now!' Geoff took his mouth from my cunt and thrust his hard, smooth cock in deeply. He pounded me hard and an orgasm ripped through me as he climaxed shooting deep with in me. 'More fuck! I need more fuck!' I moaned. As Geoff pulled out from my hot wet cunt Josh plunged in. The sensation of a thick cock in my spunk filled cunt sent me over the top. I pushed and bucked as Josh rammed in and out of me. My head rolled from side to side and I cried out in joy, 'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Give me fuck!' We came together in a hot climax and continued to shudder with excitement. He gradually pulled and I rubbed my cunt hard enjoying the juicy contents. Slowly I calmed down.

'That was .... fucking fantastic!'

'Fantastic fucking!' said Geoff and we all giggled together. The two gorgeous guys sat either side of me kissing and caressing me and the compliments flowed between us.

'Let's have a shower,' I said after about half an hour of calm.

Of course we all showered together and I didn't have to do much work as I received full attention from my two lovers.

I slipped into a tiny silk nightie and draped myself on the bed.

'I think it's time for that bubbly!' declared Geoff when we were dry and calm again. So a few minutes later we were all sipping champagne and relaxing on my bed. I gave a little giggle as I suddenly dipped Josh's cock in champagne and began to lick it off. Then I did the same to Geoff.

'You saucy sexy girl,' said Josh and then he sprinkled champagne over my cunt and proceeded to lick it off. My juices flowed and he fingered me gradually transferring my moistness to my cute arse hole then sliding first one then two fingers into me which made me squirm in delight. I saw Geoff was on his back and rampant again. This was too good to miss so I moved and lowered myself on to his lovely hard prick, wallowing in sex as I did so. I didn't move, I just enjoyed his hardness then leaned forward to kiss him, knowing full well what I hoped would happen!

Gradually I felt Josh's lovely black cock push against my cute bum crack and then nudge my anus. I knew it was ready for fucking after all he had already done so I relaxed as he gently slid in to me. Heaven! If you haven't tried it, girls, don't miss it! To have two lovely real cocks in you like this is just sheer delight! Together Geoff and Josh fucked me and I enjoyed the sensation of two cocks alternately pushing in to me. I felt sheer lust as I eagerly responded to them both and they both began to thrust harder.

Suddenly Geoff moaned and shot deep within in my cunt and then Josh announced that he was nearly there. 'Over me!' I exclaimed. I wanted to feel his hot spunk on my body. He pulled out and I turned on to my back. A second or two later he shot seven or eight spurts of hot spunk over my belly and boobs. I lay there feverishly rubbing my clitty with one hand and spreading the lovely spunk over my skin until I climaxed once more!

'Wow!' declared Geoff. 'That was ...'

'Sublime!' I gasped.

A moment later we were all resting contentedly - even I felt totally satisfied.

'There's someone I think you should meet,' said Josh.

'Who's that?'

'Do you like foursomes?' A wave of excitement ran through me.

'May be.' This was a lie - I love group sex. 'Who should I meet?'

'My girlfriend, she likes girls as well as men.'

Now I had something else to look forward to.

'When am I going to meet her?'

'In a few days,' he said.

I can't wait!