Written by stuwy9

19 Feb 2018

I have posted a few stories, as I have said as I get older and less inhibited more dirty opportunities seem to arise...and not just my dick! I spent last weekend in Birmingham and made a brief visit to Taboo Cinema. It was quiet but I got talking to one guy about the porn showing as we both wanked and the conversation got really dirty, which turns me on more. He was describing what he would do if a bird came into the cinema and how we would both fuck her together and the other guys would Bukkake over her. It was a horny couple of hours but I also wanted some cock fun and after I had had dinner with some family I had gone to see, I headed back into town to a gay club that has porn showing and dark rooms and loads of horny guys wanting cock! It was late and the club was quite busy and I had downed a few vino's so I was ready for some after dinner spunk. I entered one area called the cottages and there was a guy wanking openly with his cock through a hole in the wall, I went straight down and sucked him till he shot over my face and there were a few other guys doing the same. I then went into one of the really dark areas and could not see anything but my arse was being felt and I dropped my jeans, I had no underwear on, it just waste's time! then I realised there was a low bench so I bent over it and the cock was shoved up my arse which shocked me but I was soon being fucked hard and I felt out for another cock to suck and found two! I started to suck both and then put both in my mouth together and at this point I could feel the guy fucking me ready to cum... he pulled out and I felt the hot cum on my back, at the same time one of the guys I was sucking shot into my mouth, not a big fan of the taste of spunk but I swallowed any way, be rude not too! the other guy I wanked off and he shot over my face, just missing my eye! I stayed for another hour and sucked a few more cocks but I was tired and needed a shower. On the train the next day I was thinking about it all and I moved to the back carriage and as it was really quiet I got my cock out and had a wank on route! At one point this woman got up to use the toilet and I managed to hide what I was doing.... shame she did not offer to finish me off over her tits which looked really big under her top! I admit to being a dirty cunt as I shot over the fold down tray but I did clean it up afterwards. I have a big park near me where I walk the dog and I have been tempted to have a wank in the open a few times but I'm not that brave.....YET! I let the wife suck me off in there years ago when we first met, but she would not entertain it now unfortunately. I have left a Bukkake Porn film out on the side before to see if she made a comment but she just called me a dirty wanker....well yes love I am, but not for what you think! I also have a mate in Bristol who text's me with his wanking up dates and iv mentioned having a 'wank sock' we can send back and forth... I read that some Army lads do this, they take turns wanking into a sock and then pass it on for the next lad to unload into.... I would like to have a go at that, come on lads if this is true let SH know, we will not judge you! anyhow I'm off for a walk with the dog now, I have trackies on and it is a bit cold so not many around and I might have a bit of a wank whilst out.... if not I have the house to myself tonight as the wife and kids going to see a film so I will have a little 'man wank' time with my favourite porn channel..... cheers.