Written by Alan

29 Apr 2012

Babs and I had met with around 10-12 guys, all strangers except Tony over the last 9 months, Tony we had met several times down on the river bank. It was on one of those meets that things turned more interesting. Tony had Babs over a log of some description at a spot we had used before, by the side of an old building, possibly an old boat shed or something similar. I actually think this was his first anal with Babs, at least it was when I checked her later, but back to the session, Babs was naked and her tits were hanging one side of the log as she bent over to give him access, they were into it, when around the corner of the building appeared a guy walking his dog. Well, the dog began to bark but it was too late….matey was now in full view and Tony and Babs stood up with shock and horror all over their faces to which the guy says “don’t mind me carry on, looks as if shes enjoying it”. At first they were reluctant but with some further banter the situation eased and Babs bent over again but Tony had lost it, the moment gone. Babs revived him with a good sucking and they resumed their positions, matey has moved closer now, the dog calmer and quieter and he asks if he can feel Babs tits which are on the far side of the log dangling like udders as Tony bangs away. To be fair Tony says he`ll have to ask me as I`m her husband and I say not a problem, he gives me the dog lead to hold while he has a feel.

That lasted about 30 seconds and now this guy was feeling her cunt, I think Tony was surprised as at this stage he was not aware that she had been shagging strangers for months. Anyway, when Tony is finished matey takes his place and has a fuck while I get a sucking. Then we change ends and he gets the sucking while I get to fuck my slut wife, and its now that I find out Tony used her arse as a sperm bank. Matey and I change ends again and he tries her arse then when he cums he over her arse cheeks, I cum in her mouth. Matey makes polite chat while we all get dressed and then we all walk back towards the car park. On the way matey asks if we are down this way regular and we say only ever on a Monday which is when Tony is free. About 6 weeks later we are down at the car park again and matey waves, comes over and invites himself to our session a bit later. So we are in position by the old building again and around the corner comes matey and another guy both with their dogs on leads. He says something like “you did say the more the merrier, this poor old sod could do with a fuck”. So Tony held the dogs while the 3 of us get to work on Babs, somewhere along the line we all change around and I am now watching Babs with Tony and two strangers totally mind blowing and our first introduction to dogging. When matey dumps his load he comes over to me and passes me a slip of paper saying “when you have a moment, give a ring” before I go off and shag the wife again. Anyway that ends our session and we all go our separate ways. So this bit of paper says if you want to play give me a ring and his phone number. I ring and it turns out he lives about half a mile from the river in a detached house, wife died a few years ago, did we fancy some weekend fun with him. Once I had spoken to Babs she gave him a ring back and we are knocking on his door Saturday evening. In we go and he starts to feel Babs up as soon as the door closes, then we chat a while and he puts on some Porn, mainly one girl with multiple males stuff. Babs agrees she likes being the main attraction but says she wants to try some bondage at some stage, he has got Babs well relaxed now and she is opening up about what she likes and he just keeps suggesting new things and asking how far will she go. In the end Babs says something like “well, I`m game for anything so long as I can say NO if I want you can do whatever you like”.

Anyway, matey who`s name is Mike we have found out by now says “OK, I`ll teach you a few things the wife used to do”. So he starts by taking some snaps of Babs in all her glory and then some of her fucking around with a Banana then we get down to some fucking and I take some of him fucking Babs and so on. Its about 10pm now and he goes to the kitchen and comes back with a Pizza and coffee so we chat again and then he produces some old photos of his wife doing some serious stuff with chains whips and the like with guys. Babs takes the hint and says “next time”, “oh” he says, “there’ll be a next time will there?”.

So, a few weeks later we are back at his place and the front door is unlocked so go in when he calls out. As we go into the lounge a bag is placed over Babs head and her hand are put into a pair of handcuffs. From the kitchen come 3 other guys and the front door is locked before they come in the lounge and start to play with Babs. The rub their hands over the outside of her clothes and then reach under her skirt pulling her tights and pants down to her knees. Her tits are also being liberated from her bra and now she is standing in the middle of the lounge bag over her head, tits out, pants round her knees and several hands helping themselves to her treasures. Then a crop is produced and she stands there while her tits are whipped….not heavily just enough to add a bit of tension to the room. Eventually she is bent over the arm of the chair and her backside smacked until there was a red glow from her arse cheeks. All the time they are telling her what a super whore she is, how they are going to fuck her into the night, her arse will be their playground. You probably need ed to be there but it was quite a turn on without being too violent if you know what I mean. Then Babs decides she needs a pee and they just take her to the bathroom sit her on the throne and she then pleads for her slit to be wiped, needless to say they extract some promises from her before she is wiped clean and taken to a bedroom. Now the bag is taken off and she losses the rest of her clothes, her arms refastened in front of her so she can handle cock.

Well the next couple of hours her cunt, arse and mouth serviced all 5 cocks including mine. In the end we had to stop because she said she was getting sore and we were due to meet another guy on the Sunday.