Written by happy chappie

24 Apr 2007

A few years ago a new family moved in a few doors from me.

Mother and 3 daughters

She is now about 40 and still has a body to die for which she is not afraid of showing on hot days when she sunbathes in the garden which I can see from my bedroom window.

Recently she came to my house over some problems in the street and we sat talking for about an hour.

A few days later she came back and said all was now o.k and again sat talking.

After some time she asked what I did at my age for sex as Im well into pensions and live alone.

I told her it was a thing of the past as for one thing I couldn't hold and erection for long.

She said she was going she didn't want to get involved with guys because of her daughters.

After a few more drinks she suggested we get together and make each other happy as that is all it would be.

A few more drinks and we went up stairs to my bedroom and with the curtains drawn and the lights off we stripped.

I lay on the bed whilst she went to the toilet then came back and lay beside me.

We fondled each other she was soon very wet and I had half an erection.

She rolled over and began to suck me which didn't get me any bigger.

Thinking she would soon tire of this I asked her to straddle me and let me suck her jiuces.

She said in all her married life her ex had always refused to do this and she jumped at the chance.

She knelt either side of my head and her warm wetness was so near

I eased her down a bit and her cunt met my lips.

She tasted out of this world and I began to suck her juices as she writhed above me.

she pressed hard down as her first orgasm hit and I could hear her gasping.

I held her tight stil sucking and probing with my tongue as orgasm after orgasm came until she was at one point almost in constant ecstacy.

She fell off and lay beside me so I rolled over and retook her in my mouth still bringing her to another climax.

I stood up beside the bed , in the semi light I could see her fantastic body, legs wide apart.

Still only half erect I knelt between her legs and eased down until my prick was at her entrance.

She was so wet and wide it just slipped or was sucked in, I don't know which.

But for the first time in over 10 years I was fucking a woman.

I felt her fingers grab my buttocks and pull me in futher by now I was almost full erect, another first for years.

Her legs closed round my back and she writhed under me having at least 2 more climax and then I flopped on her as my cum jerked out into her bringing another mad writhing under me.

We lay like this as I slackened of and slipped out or her then I rolled off.

she told me that had been the best fuck she had ever had for years.

We got up went into my wet room and showered together until we were almost ready to start again but she had to go home.

She promised that we could both now stop worrying about in her case men problems and my case erection problems as this could become a regular thing.

She phoned me later telling me that next Sunday the kids were staying over at their dads so not to go out as she would be round again.

Can't wait, I'll tell it when its happened.