Written by Hotorwhat

10 Aug 2007

Dream Cum True

Just got to tell you about this, My wife of 18 years as two other sisters quite fancy able but I have never gone there for obvious reasons, but today I fell fowl of my fantasy.

To cut a long story short the sister in law dropped her lad off at our house to play with my daughter while she went shopping, in the mean time my wife as gone to work, any way I’m just lazing around in my shorts but as honey as hell, that side of things with my wife isn’t the best in the world.

Well things got to such a pitch I was walking round with a rock hard on so thought the only way to cure it is go fetch myself off, well with the kids in the house the only safe place was down the shed, so there I am stripped off completely giving it some in the shed, god was I so hot my cock standing proud when all of a sudden I heard a call and on that the shed door opened, I didn’t know what to say I just put my hands over my cock and said sorry, to my amazement she said why be sorry?

Was I hearing this right? I said that things in that department weren’t as good as could be expected and she said same here, you know after ……… had that affair we ain’t been having it regular [about six months ago her husband had an affair] so things ain’t quite been good for them either, I said sorry to hear that all apologetic just then she put her hand out and held my cock, it shook like mad and jerked to attention again, this time pulsating like nothing on earth, all she was wearing is a skimpy pair of shorts and top without a bra, her nipples stood erect.

She started to caress my cock with long slow strokes me thinking this ain’t going to last long if she carries on like that, so I put my hands straight down on to her crutch and rubbed, no sooner had I touched her and she let out a loud moan, she grasped my hand and pushed hard onto her crutch, her breathing was getting more rapid and moaning like mad, she loosed my throbbing cock and undone her button on her shorts, almost instantly they fell to the floor, I looked and there it was just like a ripe peach no knickers on, she quickly ripped off her top and soon we were both groping each other all over, she again put my hand down onto her peach off a pussy I gently slid my finger into her crack it was dripping wet, god I thought how could she get so wet, her lips parted almost asking for me to fill it.

Next minute she was on her knees with her mouth round my cock, she went up and down the shaft like it was for her life almost out of control, breathing almost out of breath, she was groaning and gyrating her body al over the place, sticking her tongue down my tip, I was almost going to cum, I could feel it surging up my cock but I managed to pull away and stop in time, I wasn’t going to let this go so quick! I sat her down on the work mate [bench] I didn’t need to open her legs she just did it wide open, her clit quite visible and gorged almost like a little dick sticking out, I started to lick her clit up and down very slowly she pushed my head further and harder into her crutch, god did this taste nice, lovely sweet juices by now she was trying to get her hand down there also, Fuck me Fuck me she was murmuring, thrusting her hips back and forth, I could feel her clit pulsating like a cock I have never seen anyone with a clit so huge and proud before, I started to such harder and suck it like a cock, she was making so much noise scowling like a wild cat, I couldn’t give a dam I just carried on sucking, all of a sudden she let out a scream and said yes ! yes ! yes ! yes ! she jerked her hips and immediately started to squirt I couldn’t contain myself I licked as much up as possible it was all over my face, chest, I was covered in her cum, I’ve never ever had anyone squirt, I stood up and tilted her back, her steaming wet pussy still dripping but was just the right height, I gently slid my cock into this huge gaping hole, I could feel it clenching my cock, my cock soon started to harden up almost pulsating in time with her pussy, I started to slide it in and out gently, her nipples were rigid and so hard I bent over and started to lick them flicking them with my tongue, she started again to groan and gyrate her hips I was by now thrusting good and hard I could feel her clit rubbing the top of my cock, we now were thrusting in excellent motion together, god this felt so good, just then she stopped and said back wards, I was almost there and ready to shoot, dam I thought, she got up and bent over the work bench, my knees almost like jelly, I slid my cock between her legs and up into her wet pussy, but she pulled away grabbed my cock and directed it into her ass, this was so tight compared to her gaping pussy it gripped my cock like fucking a virgin, go on she said fuck me nice and hard, I didn’t need telling twice, in the mean time she was rubbing her clit from side to side, I was giving her some really deep thrust’s god it felt like a glove, this is it I could tell I was not going to be able to stop again I went faster and faster yes that’s it I give her one huge thrust, she moaned and immediately started to squirt again I was filling her arse with cum, she was say yes ! yes ! yes ! I was so hot and sweaty by now, I slid my cock out and she just turned round give me a quick peck on the lips and said god did I need that, you and me both I said, she slipped her shorts back on, bent over and give my cock one long last suck put on her top and disappeared out of the shed, shouted her little boy and said Bye and thanks for having me jumped in her car and went, now I’m feeling guilty and wonder if anything will come from this??