Written by dirtydenise

2 Mar 2012

My daughter is getting married in the summer and she is storing all the wedding stuff at our house. She ordered all the stuff from Shanghai, so when it arrived I put it on manequins to get rid of the creases.

She rang me up to see if it was ok for Natalie [a bridesmaid] to come round and try her dress on. Now Nat is 22 and has got a dead fit body, mine is fine for a 48yr old. Nice 36d tits, nice arse and long legs.

Nat arrived the next day, dressed in a loose top and baggy sweat pants, I could feel a trickle of juice running from my hot fanny. We went up to the spare room where the stuff was been kept, without hesitation she took her top off and dropped her sweatpants. She was perfect, stood there in a red thong and a matching push up bra. My juices were now running down my leg.

I helped her on with the dress, but it didnt look right with the red bra straps showing. "you will have to loose the bra" with that she loosened the dress and took off her bra and chucked it to me, it was still warm from her tits. Her young tits were very firm and her nipples were lovely and hard. She pulled the dress up and it was perfect. She looked gorgeous in it. She took the dress off and hung it back on the dummy. She turned to me, now only in her thong and said "any chance I can have my bra back" I had been holding on to it. "sorry" Then I walked over to her and held the bra for her while she put it back on, my hand ran over firm tits, "why dont you have a proper feel I can tell you want to, you have been staring at me all the time I have been here" With that I firmly squeezed her boobs, then unclipped her bra and let it drop to the floor. Her nipples were like little bullets, as I rubbed them between my fingers.

She turned to me and kissed me gently on the mouth, I could not resist opening my mouth and sticking my tongue in her mouth, she responded by opening her mouth and our tongues met.She opened the butttons on my dress and let it fall to the floor, she looked at my tits and buried her head in them nuzzling in to them, then unclipping my bra, taking it off. My nipples were rock hard and got even harder when she sucked on one and squeezed the other one. My hand dropped down and I found her thong, it was soaking. My hand slid the wet material to one side and a finger sliped in to her wet fanny. She was pushing in to my finger and was not long before she came all over my fingers.

All this time she had been sucking on my nipples, my fanny was aching for some attention, her hand slid in to my panties and found my clit, which she rubbed, gently at first then the rubbing got harder and faster till I pulled her hand even harder in to me and came, I havent come that good for ages. "you are a sexy woman "Mrs B" "not so bad yourself, but I think you need to come round again for another fitting"

She has been round a few times, but they are for later if interested??????????????????