Written by Jonna

25 Jul 2018

Hi, haven't been on this site for a while, although my husband regularly reads. He would read the stories out that he new world turn me on, he's a good reader and likes to watch me wank off.

He has an underwear fetish and when I wank

I keep my clothes on with my dress pulled up and my knickers pulled over, and when I come I finish him off in my wet knickers, because of his fetish he only likes the stories when women keep their knickers on. Most seem to remove them but a lot of men enjoy stories of underwear,when out he likes me to show my hold ups and knickers to other men which I have no problem with.

I suggested we try soft dogging so men could watch me being fingered, we found a site and set off, it was summer so dusk came about ten o'clock, we parked and waited, a few cars arrived, we started kissing but no takers, he was getting very frustrated, he told me this is a waste of time so we left.

After a few days he suggested I took a lover so he could watch,I was shocked, but after a long conversation I agreed to an extent, it was down to me to find him, I went on line and advertised myself as an exhibitionist, I got endless replies, but a lot of photos put me off, one looked ok so I replied, he suggested a drink and nothing else for our first meet.

We met at a pub and chatted, he put me at ease immediately,I told him I wasn't looking for a long term lover just fun, he agreed, my husband wants to watch me being fingered in public while he wanks, your 've obliging, yes I would do anything for him.

What do I get, you get to finger me and I'll wank you off, I'm not sure he could be a jealous maniac, certainly not, when does this start, now I lifted the hem of my dress and he could see my bare legs and the v of my knickers, I looked over and another man got the same view, someone else is watching, then move your dress up further let's see if you are an exhibitionist, I eased it up just below my knickers and opened my legs slightly, let's go outside, we got up and I looked at the man who was watching and winked, we got to his car and started kissing, I moved my dress up to my waist and said make me come, he moved my knickers over and fingered me, I unzipped him and was soon wanking him, you weren't joking, no are you ok with this of course, he soon came over my dress, we got ourselves together and I said I'll be in touch.

I returned home and he watching the tv, had a good night with the girls, I wasn't with the girls, I met a man and wanked him off and he came over my dress, feel, his come was still damp, my second wanking session began as I went through every detail in the pub, he soon came, I told him I was going to get in touch, sooner the better, let yo know.