Written by Sandy The Slut

29 Dec 2009

Hi, i last posted a story on here on 31/12/08 titled dressed, spanked and fucked. Its difficult to get the computer to myself at home as the wife is always looking over my shoulder and she doesn't know about my secret life as a cross dressing cum slut.

For those of you that haven't read my other post, i'm 39yrs old, love wearing stockings, suspenders and panties, sucking cock and being fucked, being used like a total whore.

Anyway, i'm still seeing "uncle". We still meet regularly and the sex is great. I want to tell you about one of our meetings that took place in the summer of this year.

I txt "uncle" to tell him that i was feeling horny and really wanted his cock in my mouth and up my arse. He txt back saying that he was busy all week and could i wait till Friday night? Anyway after a few more txts it was arranged that he would pick me up on the Friday night at my local train station.

Friday arrived and i was now feeling hornier than ever. He picked me up at 7.30pm. I got in the passenger seat, but he told me to get in the back and to look in the bag on the seat. So i got in the back and he drove off whilst i looked into the bag. Inside there were some new black stockings, basque and thong panties, red high heel shoes, red mini dress, long blonde wig and red lip stick!

"uncle" told me to get changed and told me that if i wanted to be used like a slut then i had to look like one. As i was getting changed in the back of the car i didn't take much notice of where we were going, but just as i finnished getting ready we pulled into the layby on the A249 near Detling Aerodrome.

As we parked up i noticed there were 4 other cars and 2 lorries parked in the layby. "uncle" looked at me and said i looked sexy and told me to get back in the front.As i got in the front my mini dress rode up showing off plenty of leg and stocking tops to anyone that was watching. "uncle" already had his cock out and was rubbing it making it hard. He handed me a bottle of poppers, told me to have a good sniff, then get on my knees with my arse facing the window and suck his cock.

I got on my knees, took a big long sniff and then dropped my head taking his big stiff cock into my mouth. As soon as his helmet was in my mouth he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my head down so his cock went right down my throat. He held me there for a few seconds before letting me back up, i licked and sucked his cock for ages, all the time he was telling me what a good slut i was.

I couldn't see out of the car as i was too busy sucking "uncles" cock, but i heard the passenger door open. Again "uncle" pushed my head down so that i couldn't move. I felt several hands touching me, rubbing up my stockinged thighs, under my dress and over my arse cheeks, down between my legs feeling my now erect cock straining in my lacy thong panties.

My thong was pulled to the side, my arse was spread and someone was licking my tight arsehole. "uncle" continued pushing my head down on his cock as my arse was rimmed, then i felt something cold on my arsehole and i knew it was lube, a finger was pushed up my hole, then another and another, 3 fingres pushing in and out of my tight arse, lubing me up for a nice stiff cock!

"uncle" then told me to get out of the car, it was then that i saw the 6 guys standing there, all with their cocks out wanking. I had another sniff of poppers then i was bent over at the waist and a cock was pushed into my mouth. As i was sucking this cock someone got behind me, pushed my dress up over my arse, my panties were pulled down to my stocking tops and a cock was pushed up my lubed arsehole.

The guy fucking me had hold of my hips and was really ponding my arse, forcing me down onto the cock in my mouth. They were all calling me a dirty whore, cum slut, fucking filthy slag etc and i was loving it! The guy i was sucking held my head and started fucking my mouth hard, really forcing it down my throat and then with a grunt he shot his load down my throat, i swallowed it all and licked his cock clean just as the guy up my arse thrust hard and filled me with his cum!

I was then picked up by 2 guys, they each held a leg with an arm each round my back. They held my legs open and another guy got between them and thrust his cock up my spunky hole. He started slowly but it was too much for him and he speeded up and shot his load up my arse to join the other guys cum.

Then i was pushed over the bonnet and a 3rd cock was pushed up my wet fuck hole. This guy lasted longer, he must have fucked me for a good 10 mins as 2 other guys took turns fucking my mouth, and then he shot so much spunk up my arse that it was running out of my arse , down my thighs and soaking my stockings.

This just left 2 guys and "uncle". I was bent over again and spit roasted by the 2 remaining guys. But this time it was different, the one fucking me pulled out and swapped places with the other one, telling me to suck the cum and arse juice off his cock as the other one got behind me and shoved his cock up me. They kept doing this till they came together, 1 in my mouth and all over my face and the other deep up my fucked arsehole.

"uncle" then stepped forward and said i was a filthy whore. I asked if he wanted to fuck his whore now, but he said no! He then reached into the car and pulled out the big, fat 12 inch dildo that he knows i love. He told me to lay across the bonnet. I laid back and pulled my legs upto my chest. "uncle" moved between my legs, he put the dildo at the entrance of my wet spunky arsehole and gently pushed it into me. As my arse was all spunky and had been well fucked he managed to push the whole 12 inches all the way in without stopping.

He then fucked me slowly with the dildo as one of the other guys leant forward and took my throbbing cock in his mouth and sucked me hard. As the guys head moved faster up and down my cock "uncle" thrust the dildo harder and faster up my arse. I cried out that i was coming, the guy stopped sucking and wanked my cock hard and fast and "uncle" pushed the dildo right up my arsehole making me shoot my hot sticky spunk high in the air, it landed all over my basque and over my face.

"uncle" then wanked his cock as he continued to push the dildo in and out of my arse, then just as he was ready to explode he pulled the dildo out and thrust his big fat throbbing cock up my hole and shot what must have been loads of cum deep inside me!

I got cleaned up and changed and uncle dropped me home, i was well and truely fucked and loved every minute of it. We have had and will have more meetings like this. If anyone would like to meet up with me this summer coming i will be making regular visits to both Detling and Boxley woods, hope to see you there and i'll post again about more of my meetings if you all want to hear about them.

Sandy The Slut