Written by petewest00

5 Aug 2015

Here is the next part of my story, I was watching my friend James with my Wife Sara from a Neighbours garden thru some cracks in their dividing fence, as I said she was wearing a denim mini skirt and a white wrestler type vest, I had just seen Sara go over to James sit on his lap, then James kissed Sara as I watched his hand slip under her skirt .

They came up for air as Sara said what's this then jokingly to James, as he only had a pair of short running shorts on and Sara was running a finger over the head of his hard cock as it peered above the waistband of his shorts, he said that's what you do to me every time I see you. He asked Sara to stand up for a moment as she did he reclined the seat of the chair then asked her to pull her skirt up and sit facing him which meant her legs were wide apart as she straddled him sitting on his thighs now.

He then grabbed the vest as Sara was sat up in front of him pulling it tight at the front so her boobs appeared thru the arm holes so it looked as if she just had a 1" wide band running down between her lovely boobs he began to massage her boobs as she flung her head back licking her lips under the bright rays of the Sun. Now James garden is quite a large garden as it is a corner plot complete with a fish pond and I also saw he had put up a kid's paddling pool just so he could cool off in if he wanted and the houses around him had bushes growing so it was quite secluded but large enough for the Sun to stay in his garden for most of the day.

I was now watched as James leant forward holding Sara's boobs and began to lick, kiss, an suck on them and not ignoring her hard nipples as he sucked and nibbled on those, her head still flung back as she began to moan between her lips as nibbling her nipples is enough to make her climax if she is feeling horny, she put her hands on the back of James head saying Yes , Yes, Yesssss !! as she came.

As Sara calmed down for a moment I watched as she pulled the front of James shorts down as he lifted his bum to let her pull them down his thighs a way, he sat back as she licked her fingers and began to rub his hard cock using one hand above the other ( I thought his cock to be 8" - 8.5" long) I could even see the pre,-cum spewing out from the tip over her fingers . James sat watching as Sara licked her fingers tasting his pre-cum as his fingers switched back an forth from stroking her boobs to the inside of her thighs and also feeling her lovely bum as he had rolled her skirt up like a belt around her waist.

As James now put his hands on hers he told her to lean back ,Sara reached behind holding his knees as his fingers now began to explore her wet pussy, he said Fuck Sara that is a beautiful pussy there as he spread her lips apart then dipping a finger in her wet pussy he rubbed her clit as Sara lifted her bum trying to get his finger inside her. I watched as his fingers just kept stroking an teasing her pussy as Sara bit her lip and stuck her tongue out licking her lips, I knew Sara would be going mad in her mind wishing he would just fuck her as she loves to feel a cock inside her when excited and will often beg you to stop and fuck her hard.

Then just as I though I was about to see James fuck Sara anytime now, there were some shouts from the garden, Sara shot up pulling her top over her boobs ,pulling her skirt down as James pulled his shorts up trying to cover his bulging cock and his two band mates ( who I recognised from watching them play before) appeared around the corner heading over to James an Sara.

The band mates were the drummer we knew as Don and Phil the lead vocalist, I remembered James introducing Sara and I to them some 18 months or so previous, I did wonder if they would remember Sara or not but I thought a lot of time had passed. They were dressed in t-shirts an jeans and both looked hard at Sara as James introduced her to them, one then the other both leaned in to kiss her holding her by the waist, as I watched I had a bit of knowledge that Sara as far as I knew didn't know about Don which was his name was actually Alan and James had told me one night when drunk that Alan was packed like a Donkey.

The 3 Men went off to get some beers from the fridge coming back to see Sara had laid back on one of the 3 sun loungers, Don and Phil pulled up the other two loungers opposite Sara ,taking there t-shirts off as James sat at the table , they all chatted awhile as James asked Sara to come an sit on his lap. He pulled her back to his chest causing Sara to open her legs either side of James legs letting her skirt ride up her thighs, then turning her head to kiss her as the two men said you don't mind us taking our jeans off do you to Sara , she said no go ahead as they both went inside.

James told Sara to lift her skirt up at the back and holding her waist I saw him lift her up as his cock was standing up from his shorts, as he pulled the front of his shorts down he eased her back down Sara gave a wriggle and smiling said to James you are bad as she sat back taking all his cock inside her and began to move up and down on his hard cock as a couple of minutes later both Men returned wearing just their boxer shorts.

I watched as they lay back and Sara gave a double take seeing the hard bulges in their boxers, as both men put their sunglasses on laying back closing their eyes , James I guessed was eager to fuck Sara, began lifting her off his cock as she sunk back on to it, trying not to make too much movement but as you watched you would have known they were fucking, I looked at both men seeing Phil nudge Don as I guessed they were now watching from behind their sunglasses.

I watched as James said something to Sara as she gave a quick burst of lifting herself up an down James cock , a huge smile appeared on Sara's face as James tried to hold back a groan closing his eyes and I assumed they had just come together, looking at both men now I knew they had been watching as both had hard cocks pointing up at their belly's outlined in their boxers.

Sara stayed sat on James lap awhile before pulling her skirt down at the back as she got up to lay back down on the lounger, James sat back looking relaxed an smiling to himself, everybody went quiet just relaxing in the sun when I saw both men get up go indoors and return with a bucket and a washing up bowl. I then had to suppress a laugh as they soaked Sara with cold water making her shout at them and chase them around the garden, James was laughing and watching Sara as her vest top now clung to her boobs as they were bouncing up an down as she chased the 2 men around the garden.

They finally came back over to James out of breath and all laughing as Sara said I will have to go back home and put something dry on now as Don said i knew I remembered you your James neighbour from across the way, having let the cat out of the bag , Phil said well we thought you looked overdressed so get your clothes off ,Sara went to make a dash for freedom and Don grabbed her arm. He pulled Sara down on to the grass as Sara went thru the motions of pretending to struggle not convincing anyone as Phil held her legs pulling her skirt off as Don pulled her wet top off over her head with some help from Sara.

Sara lay back as all 3 Men stared down at her, Phil told Don look at those tits and that shaven pussy fucking lovely isn't it , then Don piped up saying to James so you are fucking her are you ?, but I thought you were married ! , as Sara told him I still am ! Oh so you just want some extra marital cock do you !

So Don told Sara to kneel up on all fours on the grass which she did as Phil an Don both stepped out of their boxers their cocks waving around in front of them , as Phil said I am going in first you are not going to spoil her for me as he knelt behind Sara's bum. I saw James go indoors as Don knelt in front of her face , James came back pointing a camera at the 3 of them as Sara purred as Phil filled her with his hard cock and she began to lavish some attention to Don's cock which I thought looked huge only seeing something like it in a porno before.

I thought Sara must have been really horny the way she looked at Don's cock as she held an licked an sucked it while bouncing her bum back to meet Phil as he thrust in to her wet pussy, James taking photos stopping to watch now an then with some envy I thought. I was torn between watching Phil fuck my wife and watching her as she held this huge cock in her mouth taking it deeper her cheeks bulging, her head moving back and forwards, knowing from the attention she was giving Don's cock that it would be the first FUCK ME !!! size cock she would soon be having inside her pussy.

Phil was really giving Sara's pussy a good fucking as she said Oh Fuck!!! a few times, as I also realised at those times she was climaxing on Phil's cock, he did eventually add his cum to James's from earlier holding Sara by the hips rigid as he filled her with every drop. As Phil moved to his lounger spent ,Don grabbed Sara by the hair lifting her head to kiss her and ask her if she was ready for his big cock, her lipstick was now smeared all over her face as she said yes Don, I want you to Fuck me with your big cock.

Don smiled as he told her to stay as she was but maybe put her head down on her arms on the grass as his cock swayed in front of him he shuffled forward holding his cock against her pussy lips ,just as he gave a push forwards ,Sara pushed backwards and the first 2-3" filled her , Sara said My God ! its so Big Don !, an so Hard !

It didn't stop there tho as Sara pushed back as Don kept pushing his long, thick cock inside my wife stretching her both ways till he was fully embedded inside her, he said you have got it all Babe !!! there was a look of satisfaction in Sara's face of I have all of that monster cock inside me and I am going to enjoy it now!

They began to rock back and forwards as we 3 Men looked on, I was thinking how good that must be for Don

as his cock filled my wife as I felt proud that Sara had taken every last inch of it , I loved seeing as Don pulled right back the length of his cock outside my Wife before he drove it back deep inside her pussy filling her to the hilt once again. I watched as Sara shuddered with Don's cock inside her as she climaxed a couple more times ,when Don said he was going to fill her womb with his cum as he too held on to her as he filled her with every drop of his cum, when just as Don seemed to finish I saw my Wife 's body shudder as she had a final cum with him still inside her .

I saw the 3 men pick up my Wife and lay her on her back on the sun lounger with a contented smile on her face as the Sun shone down on her tanned body, James bought out some food and more drinks to eat around the table , I watched Sara pull herself up sitting there naked with James being the only one with shorts on . The chat was mainly directed towards Sara asking why was she cheating on hubby as she told them well he works long hours and isn't here when I need him so James has been coming over the past few weeks so I am his girlfriend really and James doesn't mind as she held his hand across the table , both Men said I bet he doesn't and nor would we .

Don said well if you fancy a 3some or 4some or even more I know the other lads in the band would love to fuck you wouldn't they James , as he smiled and nodded, they chatted the early evening away before Sara said I better go before hubs gets home and have a shower, as she went round to the 3 men to kiss them and thank them all for a fab afternoon as she gave all their cocks a squeeze, saying till next time ! as she put her wet top an skirt back on to go back to our house .

I waited for her to get in the shower before going indoors to make a cuppa as if I had just got back in and changed ,when she came out of the shower to say hi ,I noticed some small bite marks on her shoulders and one on her boobs as she pulled on her dressing gown. I sat down stairs thinking about and taking in what I had just seen as we settled down for the evening, with Sara unaware of me having watched her with the 3 Men.

I hope you liked reading my story and have other similar ones to tell if you are interested to hear more of my sexy Wife's antics, Pete