Written by mayfairgirl

12 Apr 2008

Once again last night I managed a great night of sexual adventure with my hubby & 2 lads we got in touch with.

We arranged to all meet at a pub in Colchester & Tony & Paul both turned up which was quite a thrill for me. Tony is 27 & says his single, but I don\'t really think so & Paul 24. The 4 of us had a drink & chatted for a while, both guys were happy to go ahead with some sex, both saying they had seen photos of me & weren\'t disappointed at all in the real thing. We had booked a Premier Inn room just down the A12 & my hubby & I went & checked in & Tony & Paul joined us half hour later. When they arrived I was already on the bed, wearing just a black thong, black suspenders & black stockings. We had already talked about things at the pub so they both knew what I & my hubby wanted. Both of them stripped off & once again I was treated to the sight of 2 new cocks. Tony has a well toned body & a lovely 8 inches (approx) & Paul about the same. These 2 lovely young men were out to service this middle aged woman & were both desperate to get at me. Tony started up top whilst Paul starting licking me through my thong. Tony\'s kisses were hard & passionate, biting the inside of my lip as his tongue flicked about inside my mouth. His hands were also quite rough as he is a plasterer by trade & as he mauled my tits it felt really be manhandled in that way. Whilst he did that I could feel that Paul\'s tongue had worked past my undies & was probing at my clit. He was quite an expert, using his tongue to good affect on my clit & pussy lips, getting me very wet. After a bit they changed places & Paul was much gentler as we snogged & Tony again was quite rough biting my pussy lips & probing his tongue against my arsehole. As Paul snogged me I reached for his lovely cock, wanking him gently. My hubby grabbed my other hand & placed it around his as he also joined us on the bed. So once again I was in that delightful position of having a cock in each hand whilst having my cunt licked. Both my hubby & Paul were getting wetter, so I decided it was time for my bit of fun. I brought a halt to the proceedings & went to my bag & then handed each man a pair of my panties. Paul put on a nice black lacy pair, my hubby a see through white pair & Tony a smaller pair of Red La Senza knickers. Each of them had trouble keeping their cocks in as they were all so hard, but I wanted to dress them up so I could watch them wank in my panties. All 3 men obliged me, rubbing themselves through my panties, I asked Tony if my hubby could wank him for a bit. We had discussed this earlier, so Tony meekly took his hand away & my hubby massaged the outside of those red knickers with his hand. The stains on my panties were widening & I told all 3 of them to bring themselves off in my knickers. I then got the huge thrill of watching each cock start to jerk inside my panties as they released their lovely cum. All 3 of them knelt in front of me groaning as their thick white cream filled my undies & started to spill out. I gave each one a quick lick, before they took them off & put them to oneside for me to take home. My undies were the next off though, my hubby had gone limp but Paul was soon hard again as was Tony & as I had before I decided on a nice DP. Pauls cock still had cum all over the end & he went straight to my arsehole sliding his cock easily in to my wet bum. I pulled Tony down in front of me & he eased himself into my cunt. Neither of the lads had done this before, so I told them to get their timing right & they would see an almighty orgasm. The wonderful feeling of a cock in each hole can\'t be beaten & as both lads fucked me I was lost in passion & excitement. After a bit I got them to change position & enjoyed another good 5 minutes of DP before I had to call a halt. They moved round then & Tony lay on the bed whilst I sucked his lovely big dick & Paul took me from behind, ramming his cock up me again & again. Tony wanked himself as I licked him & it wasn\'t long before that familiar jerk started again & he filled my mouth with his salty cum. I let Paul carry on, knowing he was reaching his peak again as well & soon he let out a big groan & I felt him release his spunk inside my pussy.

The 4 of us had a bit of a rest for a while, before I again let each of them fuck me finishing with my wonderful hubby.

Once again it was a wonderful evening & certainly beats the bingo. Hopefully I\'ll be getting some more soon, until then I have those lovely spunk stained panties to play with, UMMMMM!.