Written by Andy

4 Mar 2008

Recently I got an interesting phone call from my wife, all she said was we are going out tonight and I am picking you up dress smart. Luckily enough for me we have showers at work, so I got ready and changed in to my smart going out gear which I had taken the liberty of buying during my lunch hour. This is going to be a good night as I was expecting to be taken to a nice restaurant, and maybe even the pictures. It surprised me to see her sitting in the passenger seat as I approached the car, the doors unlocked as I approached no beer for me then.

All she said was “drive” as I adjusted the seat, “so where we going ?” I politely asked. “I told you to drive” she said, “and not ask questions”. This miffed me slightly as I drove she told me tonight I am not your wife I am a slag and as I was waiting for you I came twice and my cunt is sopping wet. She said she wanted to go to a secluded pub we know on the edge of town. On arrival I realised she had a long jacket on as it was dark I could not see in the car, the sound of stilettos on the ground as she walked gave me an instant hard on. I ordered the drinks, coke for me whisky for her, as I went back to the table she flashed me her pussy I was so turned on. When the meal came she leant forward and I could see her cleavage down her jacket, my eyes were on stalks as this woman’s usual idea of a short skirt is just below the knee I could not believe what was happening. She rubbed my cock through my jeans with her high heels, and ground the heel in. Hurry up with your food I need cock, never has gammon and chips been eaten so quick or four whiskeys been drunk so fast. The barman and a couple of men in the pub kept starring as us, and I am sure as we left I got a wink from the bar.

Outside she grabbed me, stuck her tongue down my throat and said “tonight you are mine you sniveling wimp” now drive. Off we went her fingering herself and teasing, me with an uncomfortable hard on. She was yelling directions and we turned up a few roads I didn’t know existed, till we eventually pulled in to a car park and stopped. She got out and took her jacket off to reveal a PVC Basque, stockings leather skirt and her high heels. Lick my cunt she commanded no problem there as I was down in the foot well as quick as a flash licking her clit pulling her tits she was so wet and came all over my face. I want to fuck you I pleaded, all in good time was my only reply now I didn’t tell you to stop licking. As I lapped away she produced a blindfold and put it on me, this was strange, as I didn’t even know she had one. The next thing I hear is the ignition being turned on and the window going down, intrigued I carried on licking her wet pussy as I sensed her moving she told me she was sucking another mans cock! Which was bigger and better than mine, “don’t stop licking or there would be trouble”. This was it I licked and flicked her clit, fingered her while playing with her arse I was in ecstasy as she was getting wetter and wetter Cumming and Cumming. She was pulling me on to her by the hair and being very foul mouthed as the smell of leather and her juice was making me so turned on. I heard a few deep breaths and realized the guy was Cumming, in her mouth at that as she slurped and sucked him dry. Next think I knew the window was going back up and she demanded that we go home. On the way back she produced her rabbit, and did not say a word just fucked herself till climax after climax. I was so turned on by the whole experience and was looking forward to fucking her senseless. At home she got straight in the shower, and I cleaned myself up and got in to bed. She climbed in gave me a cuddle and went off to sleep. To this day I do not know where we went, who it was, how she or if she arranged it. This is a niggle but she refuses even to discuss it, all I know is I wish she would do it again and soon.