Written by PINKS

17 Dec 2008

You may of read from an earlier post J (my wife) has a liking for drink and then more often than not falls asleep. This has been when i have had my fun. J\'s friend Cath had split with her hubby and was seeing a new guy (Andrew) and was keen to get J\'s approval. Cath invited us round for a meal, arranged for her daughter to babysit and we duly turned up with the token bottles of plonk.

Andrew and i hit it off with our shared passion for football and after the meal went into the lounge to watch a match while the girls gossiped and tidied up. While we were watching the footie Andrew quizzed me about caths past and i dished the dirt that i knew of. The gossip was fairly tame and he seemed unfazed by it. Feeiling quite comfortable in his presence i said that if he wanted to know more about her past perhaps we should play a game of something similar to truth or dare and see if we could rig it in our favour. The girls were getting pickled on the wine and J had the customary glow about her that told me she was well on the way to being sloshed. Andrew and i made the suggestion that we should all play cards but Cath countered with perhaps we should play monopoly instead as it would last a little while and would be fun. Andrew winked at me and said ok and we set the board up. Andrew suggested that we should play individually and instead of paying fines etc that you should be made to answer a question based on the value of the fine i.e. If you owed money for landing on Mayfair you should get a very searching question or something less if you landed on the The Old Kent road. Cath agreed it was a good idea and J didn\'t really understand but nodded her approval. After seVeral circuits and a little chaeting Andrew and i had built up a good portfolio of properties and it was only a matter of time before one of the girls was going to cop for a serious question.

Sure enough Cath landed on a property and was expecting a reasonably searching question, as the owner i asked her how many guys she had slept with since she had been split up. After a few ers and ums and a very embarrassed face she said \'three\'. Andrews eyebrows raised and the game moved on. J landed on a similar property and Andrew chose to ask her what her favourite sexual position was, J being drunk didn\'t care and just blurted out \"doggy\" much to everyones amusement. The game went on for ages and included several more drinks and in doing so allowed Andrew and i to get Hotel and houses dotted around the board. We agreed that the hotels and houses would encourage maybe a dare of some sort and i got quite steamed up of just thinking of what we could suggest. One of Andrews question to J surprised me a little when he asked If she would tell me if she had got groped when out with the girls. J and Cath just looked at each and and laughed but J the answered no she wouldn\'t tell me.

Now the game got serious, Cath landed on Park Lane and Andrew being the owner said that her dare was to kiss me full on while he and J watched for a time of three minutes. Cath stuck the lips on me and i have to say i quite enjoyed it and sported a good hard cock afterwards. J\'s first dare was for me so i asked her to tell us about the dirtiest sex she had ever had and she coughed up that she once sucked a taxi driver off because she didn\'t have enough money but that it had then gone on to full sex on the back seat, the driver was turkish and he had taken her anally.She had also confessed to one of Andrews fantasy questions to having a forced sex fantasy. Andrew was by now sporting a hard on and his next dare to Cath was to suck his cock in the kitchen while J and i played on with the game. They left the room and after a few giggles the room went quiet. J suggested that we should have peak through the crack in the serving hatch to see if they were doing it. I told J to go and see and let me know what was happening. She beckoned me over and we could see Cath sat on the floor in front of Andrew slurping on an enviably large cock. Not missing the opportunity i slipped my hands up J skirt and touched her thong to be met with a flood of moisture. I pulled her thong down lifted her skirt and proceeded to lick her fanny whilst she watched. In the heat of passion J had not noticed that they had in fact finished and were making there way back into our room and to my shock and horror walked in on us while i was drinking from the furry cup. Andrew made some quip about carrying on and pretending they weren\'t there and sat close enough to us to be able to pick up J thong off the floor and play with it. Andrew threw it to Cath and asked her if hers was as wet and suggested that they should get it on so we didn\'t feel embarrased. Cath and Andrew slowly undressed each other while J and i had great sex and whilst we were recovering put on a great show for us to enjoy. J and i stopped on the way home and i insisted that she should let me pretend to be that Turkish Taxi driver on the back seat. It was our first venture into any form of role play but she obviously had a good recall of what happened and wanted me to stick into every orifice before i was finished. I have yet to ask her about the little giggle her and Cath had about being groped and will save that for our next opprotunity to get her drunk.