Written by island life

8 Aug 2014

This is s follow-on from my earlier post 'Keep your mind on the driving, your hand on he wheel', 23 June.

Thank you for the comments. Here's what happened next.

Being a holiday hotspot, the roads are very busy here in the summer so I drove away from the seaside and towards the mountains; not as far as it sounds, it's a small island.

As soon as we were mobile, B & Pat, both in the back seat, began kissing and through the rear-view mirror I could see his hand feeling my wife's tits outside her clothing. She has a first class pair of 36DD's and soon I began to get the odd glimpse of her nipples stiffening under the flimsy fabric.

They're pretty relaxed about stuff out here and the motor has heavily tinted windows, all bar the windscreen and perhaps this helped them feel safe, because before we'd left the town, he'd got her top and bra off, her tits now free to enjoy his fingers and lipe, which he employed vigorously. B was starting to moan as she became aroused and I saw her hand slide down his chest towards his shorts. I couldn't se what she was doing, but could guess as Pat sat up straight to allow her access.

Soon after, her head disappeared and it was obvious, from the movements and his groans, that she was delivering a mobile blow-job. As I've mentioned in other posts, our boy is well endowed and she would have trouble getting the entirety damn thing into her mouth from that angle, but it certainly seemed she was doing her best.

Being ever teh gentleman, Pat then moved her head away and I saw hin once again with his face buried in my wife's chest, while his hand went below my line of sight, in the general direction of her pantless pussy. A few seconds later he was waving something in the air - he's removed the egg and was showing it to me, bastard, lol.

Eventually leaving behind the built-up areas, we arrived at a local beauty-spot where I parked up. Fortunately, it was otherwise deserted, being mostly used by local folk at the weekends, for barbies, etc. The council had thoughtfully provided tables for this and Pat carried B from the vehicle and laid her on one of them.

By now she was virtually naked, just a short skirt around her waist, which he removed, completing the job.

He then treated me to a view of him licking her tits and then slowly taking his tongue down her belly and to her mound. Sh'e often told me she prefers tongue to fingers and he clearly has heard the same as he then proceeded to lick her by now very willing twat and suck on her clit.

they were both pretty excited, as she was moaning away and pulling his head deeper into her. After a few minutes she orgasmed and pushed his head away, drawing it up her body. He obliged and his erect cock drew ever closer to her hole.

Without ado he entered her without trouble, despite its girth and length. I did wonder if she'd ever feel me inside her again after being owned by it, but the moment was magnificent as it was the first time I'd actually seen her take another cock. I must say all the reports of how great a moment it is, are quite correct.

Hands on her tits, he pumped her against the table for a few minutes then withdrew and rolled her over. He then entered her doggy style and both of them came within a few strokes.

With that and without ceremony, they got back into the ar and we returned home.

That was just the beginning of the most fantastic 3 weeks of my life as Pat's holiday visit turned into a fuck-fest.