Written by drunk wife sandie

9 Jun 2014

I have came across this site and I have read stories on here that they say are factual, but they take some believing at times, but there again many of us find our self in unusual situations. What I am about to tell you is what actually happened to me about a year ago and it is completely true. I don’t see the point in making stories up, and life experiences leave their mark on us permanently. I hope that you enjoy reading what I am about to tell you but I suppose that it maybe not be to everybody’s taste. My name is Sandie I am aged aged 32 and married to brad who is 39 years old and we have been married for twelve years. What I am about to tell you started about twelve months ago I visit my friend Janet one day a week , its one week at mine the next week at her house. Janet is the same age as myself and is single, anyway it was her birthday and she arranged a party at out local pub in Macclesfield. So here is a bit of background Janet is about five feet 4 inches tall with long brown hair and very good looking with a superb figure, while I am five feet 3 inches tall with black hair and a figure of 36 – 30 – 36. Janet goes out quite a lot especially at weekends where as I being married spend most of my time with my husband. We go out occasionally but this is usually when my husband has the notion get my drunk as I do not drink a lot. He knows from past experience that when I am drunk I get really horny. That is when he talks to me really dirty as he knows that I will respond to his filthy talk, when he calls me a whore, a slut and a dirty cow. This triggers an almighty orgasm as I can cum multiple times on these occasions. I also will talk dirty to him and it is always great sex. He will also talk of someone else fucking me which makes me orgasm but I would never talk like that when sober.

Normally I am quite reserved and my husband often tells me that I should be more adventures in bed. Anyway back to Janet’s birthday party it was on a Friday night and the weather was nice and hot so I wore a mini skirt. We got to the pub around 8 o’clock and with it being hot we we were drinking quite a lot and I could feel myself beginning to get tipsy. We were sat in the beer garden and a guy walked past and said hi to Janet and I said to her wow he,s got nice legs as he was wearing shorts. Janet replied that’s not all that he has got that nice. Me being a bit dumb said why what else has he got, Janet replied come on Sandie the thing that hangs between his legs. Then I said well in that case I bet all the women here would love have a look at that, when she said why would you, I said no don’t be silly. Then Janet got up and went talking to him, when she came back I asked what they were talking about. I was flabbergasted when she told that he fancied me and wanted to fuck me. Anyway I had no intention of fucking anyone other than my husband well hung or not. Well we carried on drinking until midnight when I asked Janet if she could get me a taxi. So off she went and came back a few minuets later saying the taxi would be half and hour and by this time I was well and truly pissed. I was standing outside when Janet said here’s your taxi I got in the front seat. As we drove off the driver spoke I noticed it was the man that said hello to Janet in the pub. He introduced himself as Terry and as we drove he kept telling me how beautiful I was and how he would like to get to know me better. I told him I am not that sort of woman and that I am married. As we drove he put his hand on my knee, telling me that I was hot and how he would love to caress my body. This is the first time a man other than my husband has spoke to me like that as I don’t have a high opinion of myself sexually. Then I realised that we were in a wooded clearing off the road. Terry stopped the car and put his arm around my shoulder and tried to kiss me on the lips. Terry’s hand was moving further up my short skirt and I pushed it away. I said to him just take me home the fun is over for tonight. He tried to kiss me again and while doing so he took my hand and placed it on his cock. With being pissed I had never noticed that he had his cock outside of his shorts.

His hand was clasped around mine and he was wanking his cock with my hand, he then went to kiss me again and this time I did not resist. His lips were on mine as I felt his tongue slip into my open mouth and his hand had left mine and it was rubbing my pussy through my panties, I could feel the juices flowing from my pussy as it always does when I am drunk. Terry reclined the seat and pushed it backwards then took off his shorts and this was the first time I had seen his cock. I don’t what size it was, I only know that it was a was longer than my husband and fatter. But as I lay there like a rabbit in the head lights Terry climbed between my legs rubbing his cock on the outside of my panties. Sandie do you want me ? Do you, but I never answered. Then he asked me again but it was more like and order, do you want me to fuck hey, do you. Then I heard myself saying yes, yes take me, Terry slid my panties to one side and his cock slid up me with ease. As he began to fuck me he said your one easy slag I thought you would have put up more of a struggle. I was past caring and his word were having the same affect as when my husband fucked when I was drunk. As Terry fucked me faster I had two orgasms one after the other as I felt his cock against the neck of my womb. Then he said were do want it bitch tell me where you want my cum,, inside me Terry, inside me, fill me up , I want it in my womb. I rapped my legs around his lower back holding him inside me while calling out his name over and over Terry Terry Terry Terry Terry ooooorrrrrrr Terry Terry Terry and I dug my finger nails into his back. He shouted you fucking bitch, your one horny fucking bitch , take it bitch take my spunk you bitch, al this dirty talk had me gagging for him. As he pushed inside me with force my head was spinning and I orgasmed again as I felt my pussy filling with his sperm. Terry stayed inside until I felt his cock begin to soften and he pulled out and sperm was running out of me like river, down my arse crack and my thighs. Terry said fucking hell Sandie your one fucking hot wife but my back is hurting like fuck, and I never thought you would be so easy I thought you might have put of more of a fight before I could fuck you. So now you are going to call your husband and you are going to tell him that you wont be home to night. I cant I don’t know what to tell him , tell him you are staying at Janet’s or do you want me to call him. No Terry I will call him but where are we going, he said back to my place I haven’t finished with you by a long way. There is more to tell but my husband will be home in a few minuets so I will have to go and finish it later if you thinks its not to tame a read. Love Sandie