19 Oct 2015

So what turned out to be quite a good Saturday Evening.

The wife was out of the house at a friends having a "Girly"

So out comes the porn and with the help of some of the wifes knickers 3 nice loads of cum dispensed!

I turn in about Midnight and she comes home about 1am.

She is rather tipsy and eventually gets into bed.

I noticed she was just in her Bra and sexy black lace thong

What the hell, I thought and went for a little light rubbing between her thighs.

I knew she was just coming off her period so there was little chance of any action, by now was hard as a rock and wanted some more relief.

She starts to moan as I rub her pussy through her panties she then rolls over on top of me kissing me deeply with a lot of tongue!

I slip my hand round to her ass and start pressing my finger against her anus, she moans even more now.

I bring my fingers to my nose smelling her ass and suck them clean coating them with saliva

At the same time she is also spitting into her hand and slides her hand into my boxers and starts wanking me furiously.

I slide my wet finger into her ass crack and slip it in to her asshole, this drivers her mad and she wanks harder and moans even more.

She then slides herself down and tracing kisses all the way down to my crotch, The boxers come off and she starts licking me all round my balls and cock.

Bear in mind I've wanked 3 times so she must smell and taste my stale cum in my pubs and all over my cock.

She continues to gobble up my cock as greedily as she can wanking me hard at the same time.

I pull her off my cock and get her straddling me and continue the assault on her asshole

She doesn't want it in the ass so i pull her knickers aside and shove my full length straight into her soaking pussy.

I thrust in and out furiously as she cums over my cock. my balls are soaked and she is sooo wet!

As I'm still thrusting the sloppy noise of her juices are so loud

She's not on birth control at the moment and we don't want any more kids! but I'm getting close

She pulls me out of her and slides down and continues to suck me off

I decide she is going to take it all and grab her head and start fucking her mouth and can here her gasping for breath and the gagging noises are driving me crazy

She tells me off and I push her back on my cock and bury it down her through while she is gagging and waving her arms in protest I unleash a nice load of cum down her throat. She swallows like a good girl and takes a deep breath. She licks me all around my cock and balls and turns over for a sleep.

Now she wasn't completely off her period so she may well have been swallowing and licking off her blood off my cock which was lovely and clean afterwards! (couldn't tell as the lights were off)

Not a bad ending for the night

Slept like a log after that!

I told her she can go out to her friends with a bottle of wine every Saturday if this is how it ends!