Written by drunk wife Sandie

10 Jun 2014

What I am about to tell you is what actually happened to me about a year ago and it is completely true but to fully understand this you will need to read the first instalment. I see that some of you enjoyed reading what I have told you so far so I will attempt to bring you up to date. but I suppose that it maybe not be to everybody’s taste. As you will be aware name is Sandie I am aged aged 32 and married to brad who is 39 years old and we have been married for twelve years. And normally I am quite reserved and my husband often tells me that I should be more adventures in bed but when I am drunk I totally love sex to the full. Well the night of Janet’s birthday I was really drunk and I ended up getting fucked by Terry in his car but he was taking me back to his place. I had to phone my husband who had waited up for me thinking he could give me a good fucking if I was drunk. When told him I was staying at Janet’s he sounded pissed off telling I should have phoned earlier so he could have gone to bed. He said good night and that he would pick me up at Janet’s around nine in the morning. Terry took me back to his place and we were no sooner through the door and he picked me up and carried me to bedroom and dumped me on the bed. I instantly lifted my bottom of the bed and took my short skirt and panties off, baring my cum soaked pussy for him to see. Terry was between my legs in a flash lapping at my cum soaked pussy and flicking his tongue over my clit and making my body shudder. I orgasmed as juice flowed from my pussy covering Terry’s face as he lapped greedily trying to fill his mouth.. When he came up for air he said to me your the hottest wife I have ever fucked. I cant believe what an easy married slut you are most married women ive fucked make me fight for it a bit but you are something else.

His words only served to make me want him all the more and I was begging for his cock inside me again. Terry turned me over so my feet were on the floor and my bum in the air then I felt his tongue on my bum hole licking it which was making me moan softly. At the same time he slid a finer inside my pussy finger fucking me hard. Then he withdrew his finger and started to stroke my bum hole in a circular motion then put it back in my pussy again. The feeling was wonderful then I felt his finger open up my hole and slip inside me making me tremble from head to foot. This was the first time in my life that anyone as penetrated my bum hole and it was heaven. I was loving it and terry new he had under his control as he said I am going to fuck you up the arse you horny cow. I did not know what to expect then I felt his cock slip in my pussy then out again and touch my bum hole, Terry repeated this a few times until I felt him pushing in my bum just little until he was fully inside me. It painful at first but eventually it became a mind blowing pleasure as I felt his cock stretching my bum hole wide open. He increased his pace and he was ramming me hard, I was lost in a world of lust as he held my bum cheeks. Then he let out a high pitched groan and stopped with his cock buried inside me up to his balls and I could feel him unload his sperm Then he shouted take it, take it all you married slut as his cock stayed buried up my virgin bum until it softened and slipped out. I lay back on the bed after having the most incredible feeling of having my bum fucked and filled with sperm. This by the first man that I have been intimate with since I got married and could hardly believe that i got so much from the experience. We then fell asleep and I Awoke with Terry’s finger inside my pussy then two fingers fucking me hard with his thumb stroking my clit. The feeling of being finger fucked so hard made me orgasm and pee al over his hand. I was embarrassed and kept apologising but he said its fine its not that often he has made a woman squirt. Terry was very understanding about it and he went down between my legs and licked me to another orgasm.

I was now beginning to sober up and I remembered that my husband was going to pick me up at Janet’s later. I said to Terry could you phone a taxi for me later but he said I will run you home but first I need to fuck you again. This time he was much more gentle telling me that I was the perfect lover and he kissed my body all over, even sucking my toes. He fucked me slowly for about half an hour before bringing me to another orgasm and once again filling my pussy with his thick creamy sperm. I had to shower has I stank of sex and my mass of black pubic hair was matted with his dried sperm. It was 7.30 by the time I was read to leave and Terry ran me home to Arlington drive and I told him to drop me at the bottom of the road, but the bastard run me right to my house. I was scared to death in case my husband was up or if any of the neighbours saw me. As it turned out I got away with it or so I thought, that was until 10 o’clock Monday morning when Terry knocked on the door. I was in shock because I thought that was a one off, but I panicked and ushered him quickly in case anybody saw him. I was now sober so I was not horny like I am when I am drunk but Terry wanted to carry on seeing me. So I ended up taking him to bed to try and get rid of him unfortunately this was the move because he stopped all day. He only left about 10 minuets before my husband was due home from work. So know its a year on and Terry is still fucking me but I know its only a matter of time before I am found out. But there is one bonus when my husband gets me drunk and asks me would I let another man fuck I cum really hard because I am being fucked.