Written by Lisa

10 Jul 2012

I have been trying to get pregnant for about 4 years, but my husband apparently has something wrong with his sperm and they dont last as long as they need to. The last year has been pretty tough on us both and the arguments have gotten more heated, after one argument a some months ago I said I'd had enough and left to go to my sisters.

After a few days, my husband came round to see if he could take me back, but I was out with my sister - we had decided to go out on the Friday night and make a night of it, we both got really drunk and I remember helping my sister into a cab as she was worse than me.

The cabbie seemed nice enough, a guy in his late 30's, nicely built and pleasant smile (thats all I remember). We chatted on the way to my sisters house, where he helped me get her out of the cab and she said to me 'see you tomorrow'. I was so drunk I got back in the cab and gave him my address.

We drove for a while, I dont remember where but I remember flirting with him and I remember saying 'I feel so horney, I'm dying for a fuck'. I remember there were lots of trees and it was very quiet and seemed to be no one around.

He parked up and said 'how about that fuck then?'

I laughed and lay down on the back seat.

I remember him climbing in the back, kissing me and feeling his fingers sliding inside me, then my dress being ripped as he pulled at it. I remember feeling really horney and didnt care what he was doing or how he did it, as long as I was fucked. Next he ripped my knickers off and started to lick my already soaking pussy, I was in heaven (my husband never went down on me). I was asking him to fuck me, but he just kept licking.

I remember him saying something about being watched, then I remember him telling me to get out the car as he wanted to fuck me in the open air. I was so pissed and so horney, I climbed out the car and fell over. I remember being picked up by a man and lead to a wooden table, where I was laid on my back with my legs and arse over the edge.

Next, a cock was being pushed into my wet pussy and I remember orgasming as I was fucked.

Through the drunken haze, I think I remember another guy - but not sure.

Then another cock (or maybe the first again) was pushed into my pussy and I was fucked again.

At some time, some one put a cock in my mouth and I sucked it, I remember tasting cum, so I know that happened.

The cock that was in me, I remember being very tight in me and feeling it rubbing deep inside me against my cervix - I remember that clearly as my husband isnt that big and the feeling brought me to orgasm a few times before I felt the guy pumping his cum in me.

I dont know how many times I was fucked (or by how many) but I woke up the next day, back at my sisters, feeling rather sore and had a large amount of cum both inside me and on the bed sheets.

I was a bit concerned that whoever fucked me might have given me something, but tests showed I was all clear. Although several weeks later, I discover that I was pregnant.

I am now nearly 6 months and my husband is really happy. He thinks that it happened the night I came back home and we fucked - I'll let him think that.

SO if the guy or guys who remember fucking a naked 25 year old red head on a wooden table in a wood or park in the Ringwood area read this, I just want to say - thank you for giving me what my husband couldnt. Maybe once the baby is born, my sister and I will go out again for a night on the town again and book the same cab firm.